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Inclick Track comes with 3 core options (Research, Compare, Discover, and Manage Brands) and several other features. When you login, you will be presented with a welcome screen. If it's your first time, you can select Manage Brands.


Manage Brands

Inclick Track comes with a pool of hundreds of brands that we are already tracking. You can search for the brand that you want to analyse. If you can't find your brand, you can easily add your own. You can also find the brands that you've added previously and delete/swap them.




Click on Research to see all your brands and insghts for the brands that you're tracking. You can view insights about their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube Channel. When you click on an icon, you will start seeing insights about that network. You can dig deeper to get post-level insights. You will have more than 30 data points present in an easy-to-understand graphical format.



Click on Compare to compare all your added brands together. You can compare them by the growth of followers and fans, number of posts, post engagement, share of voice, user posts, boosted posts, etc.




User our Search feature to find the best content from across industries. This feature is a a great way for content-creators to get some inspiration. You can search for campaigns, events, and keywords. Search provides all the content from our database in a filterable format. You can also see Share of Voice by Industries, and Post Type by Brands.

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