Social Media Reporting


With Social Media Reporting you can get insights about how effective your social media marketing strategies are. Your social media feed, performance of marketing campaigns, influencer collaborations, conversation about your brand and market segment. 

social media reporting tool

Download Reports and stay meeting ready

Whether you need a ready PPT or just graphical visuals to add to your report, Inclick has you covered. You can download reports for any brand in any format – PPT, XLS, CSV, PNG, and PDF and for custom duration. 

How it works

Detailed Insights

Get insights about any brand's social media performance using 40+ Key Performance Indicators

More than numbers

Dig into a brand's social media marketing strategy with Visual Intelligence and most used Hashtags. 

One Minute Reports

You can download reports in multiple formats - PPT, XLS, CSV, PNG, and PDF for any duration. 

social media reporting

Key Features

Get a detailed Social Media Analysis

Detailed Evaluation

Now you can dig deep in the social media content strategy of a brand using Inclick's Visual Intelligence.

Adding color

The color theme that a brand uses for their content can make a huge impact on their performance. Hence making it a vital part of a social media marketing strategy.  

Compiling all the necessary data in one place

Connect Stories

With Inclick you can connect Instagram stories insights to the dashboard for easy and quick access.

Ease of Access

Having all the data in one place can help you save all the time that you otherwise spend switching between windows and logging in and out of multiple platforms. 

What are a brand's most used hashtags

Most Trending Hashtags

Ever wondered what hashtags a particular brand is trending on? What are the hashtags that they mostly use? Inclick can give you this information about a brand using AI.

Sort According to Tags

You can also sort through the content of a brand to see what all posts use the same hashtag.

Get all your paid content insights too

Promoted Content

Get all the information about your paid ads on Inclick's dashboard. See how much you have spent and the duration of your promoted content.

Get Complete Insights

Take a detailed look at the performance of all your promoted content and evaluate how well were they executed.

Accuracy forms a strong basis for analysis

Accurate Data

Inclick uses in-house algorithm to provide you with accurate data for social media analysis. All the data that you see is 98% accurate.

Accurate Analysis

You never have to second guess yourself while evaluating the performance of any brand using the Social Media Reports provided by Inclick. 

social media reporting

See how your campaign performed

Inclick can help you simplify the process of campaign reporting. Considering how overwhelming keeping track of campaigns can get, easily find all the required information in one place. 

social media analysis

Covering 4 major social media platforms

See how any brand is performing across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Social Media Reporting can show you which brand is steering in which direction and where your audience’s interest lie. 

social media reporting

There's more to a post than words

Go one step further in evaluating a brand’s Social Media performance using visual intelligence and explore the most used colors by a brand. See if it is the content, the colors or both that’s forming the influence. 

social media reporting

Just add them to our database and start tracking

Inclick has a database of over a 1000 brands but in case you do not find the brand that you are looking for, you can add any brand to the dashboard all by yourself by following the instructions on the website. 

What are a brand's most used Hashtags?

Ever wondered what hashtags is a particular brand ranking on? What are the hashtags that they mostly use? Inclick can give you this information about a brand using AI. You can also sort their posts according to specific hashtags.