Monitor relevant conversations to spot the trends

social media monitoring

Listen to all the buzz that's happening on Social Media and make the best of the underlying opportunities. Use hashtag tracking and keywords to sort through the conversations. 

social media monitoring
social media monitoring

How indulging was your last campaign?

Monitor your campaigns using hashtags and get real-time information about it’s performance. See what people are saying about your campaign and if it did hit the target

How it works

Listen to conversations

Monitor all the relevant conversations about you, your brand and your competitors on Social Media.

Hashtags & Keywords

Just type in a word and let our in-house algorithm give you all the relevant details on your dashboard. 

Know your Audience

Understand your audience in an elaborate manner - their profession, geography and demographics. 

Social Media Monitoring

Key Features

See only the insights you need

Hashtags & Keywords

Using hashtags and keywords you can sort though multiple conversations that happen online and see only what's relevant to you and your brand.

Leave out the unnecessary

Like keywords that are relevant to your research there are usually some that you might want to leave out. Inclick can help you make your search very specific.

Refine your brand's image

Spot the loudest voice

Some people have persuasion skills while others don't. Identify the opinion leaders that are shaping the minds of others about your brand, product or service via social media monitoring. 

Shape the conversation

Become a part of the conversations that are shaping the minds of the many about your brand and provide details about the role it's playing as a part of the industry.

Read between the lines using monitoring

Discover Potential

There are a lot of conversations happening on Social Media every moment. Look at the ones involving your brand, Industry, competitors and product/service to discover underlying potential.  

Define your course

Social Media is where your customers give their strongest opinions. By monitoring these conversations you can understand where you are falling short of their expectations and redefine your course of action.

Dig deep into your client's persona

Who are they

Are the people using your product/service the same as you intended? What are their demographics? Also, do people of specific profession find your product/service more useful? You can get all this information and more using Inclick's Social Media Analysis Tools.

Where are they located

Thanks to the internet and super fast global shipment services, the entire world is very well connected. See where your current customers are geographically located and where people are waiting for your product/service to launch. 

Did your campaign hit the target

All in one place

Inclick provides you with the compiled data of your campaign with complete statistics and visuals for detailed analysis in a download format.

We've got you covered

Whether you are pitching to a new client or looking into any brand's campaign performance, keyword tracking can help you do so.