The only social media analysis tool your team will ever need.

Inclick is built for both agencies and brands. It is an all-in-one platform that gives you holistic data about your Social Media Strategy. With Inclick, it is easy to get data for your own Social Media Channels, Competitors, New Pitches, Trending Influencers and see what the world is saying about your brand or topic.

FROM INR 15kper month
  • Social Media Monitoring

  • Social Media Analytics

  • Influencer Discovery

Billing Related FAQs

Do you have packages?

With Inclick, you can create your own packages based on your needs. Let us know the number of brands, mentions, and influencers you want to track per month and we will create a customised package for you.

is there a free trial i can take?

Yes, after your 20 minutes demo, we provide a 7 Days Free Trial. During the trial, you will be able to add brands, create reports, create campaigns, monitor conversations, and search for influencers. 

How am I charged?

Generally, organisations pay us through Bank Transfers on a quarterly basis. If you have a specific requirement, let us know and we can talk about it. We also have a dedicated Payment Gateway that accepts all credit/debit cards and Net Banking.

Is there any On-Site Support/Training

On-Site Support and Training is currently available in Delhi NCR only. For other cities, we do an online conference. Honestly, online is more comfortable. 

How long does is the onboarding process?

A couple of hours, literally! Once you’re comfortable with our platform after the free trial, we have an online sales agreement that you can sign right from your system and start using Inlclick.

What about Cancellation?

That’s highly unlikely because once you start using Inclick, you’re not going to look back. But just in case you want to cancel, the deactivation is pretty straight forward. We will explain the cancellation policy as well in the demo.

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