Enterprise-grade Media Monitoring Solution

Realtime Data

Monitor online buzz about your brand in Realtime. Inclick Listen tracks everything online to keep you on top of your competitors.

Historic Data

Go back in time to understand what went wrong with you or your competition. Understand your consumers’ reactions, demands and insights for a brand or topic instantly. Just add a keyword and specify a period.


Inclick Listen comes with an inbuilt Triggers and Automation Suite. Create unlimited Triggers and attach them with a realtime campaign. Triggers are automated when a condition is matched and replies are sent automatically.

Personality Insights

With the help of personality insights, understand what your consumers do, where do they work, gender, identify their psychological traits which determine purchase decisions, intent and behaviour traits.

Beautiful Reports

Create graphical and easy to understand reports instantly. Export reports into PPT and PDF for your clients or monthly meetings. Use filters to get the only data that you need. Twitics is Social Media Reporting done right.

Track Conversations

Inclick Listen records every tweet that has you or your brand. Keep a close eye on what people are saying about your brand and take instant actions before anything goes viral. Who likes bad publicity?

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How it works

Inclick Listen is easy-to-use and provides great value.

Create campaigns

With Inclick Listen, you can easily keep an eye on conversations, events, keywords, hashtags and much more. Just create a campaign and all the keywords that you want to be tracked.


Listen to conversations

Our Listen platform will quickly allocate a Twitter Stream to you and start tracking your keywords. We have a 99.999% accuracy in collecting tweets in Realtime mode. And when we say realtime, we really mean realtime. There's literally no delay. All tweets that we gather are analysed and a report with over 40 datapoints is created as soon as the refresh button is hit.


Filter what matters

We understand sometimes there might be a lot of conversations and only some of them matter to you. Inclick Listen provides you with a lot of filters so you can easily browse through conversations.

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