Make Influencers your Brand's voice

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Find the most influential people on social media and build successful collaborations using Influencer Discovery. Connecting with Influencers for marketing can help you to reach a targeted segment of the audience through a source that they trust and believe in hence increasing your chances of conversion. 

Influencer Discovery
Influencer Discovery

Who are the Influencers of your Industry?

Search for Influencers on Instagram using Inclick’s Influencer Discovery Tool from within your market segment and be sure to make them a part of your marketing strategy. Reaching a target audience cannot get easier and more effective than via Influencers. 

How it Works

Search for Influencers

Look through the database of thousands of influencers to find the ones that suit your brand's style the best. 

Save Profiles

Short-list the profiles that you find the most relevant to your brand and your campaign for easy access. 

Reach Targeted Audience

Find Influencers that are a part of the market segment that you are trying to tap into for business. 

Influencer Discovery

Make Influencers your Advocates

By making Influencer Marketing a part of your Digital Marketing Strategy you can have more than one voice speaking to the target audience about what you have to offer. 

Influencer Discovery

Evaluate the performance

See how well an influencer is communicating with their audience and what is their relationship like using Influencer Discovery Tool. 

Social Media Analysis

Create the brand image that you want

Filter through the list of Influencers using Influencer Discovery Tool by Inclick and collaborate with the ones that speak the same language as your brand. 

Save the short-listed ones

Once you find the influencers that meet your criteria, you can save their profiles for hassle-free future access. If you like ’em save ’em. 

Social Media Analysis
Instagram Influencers

Sort through multiple profiles using Filters

There are thousands of influencers today on Instagram having various numbers of followers and certain specialisations. Use filters to see the ones relevant to your brand. 

Download reports of the selected individuals

Get a detailed account about any influencer – number of followers, how many profiles do they follow, their location and the total number of posts – in a downloadable report.    

Influencer Discovery