Agencies ❤️ Us

Agencies ❤️ Us

The only marketing platform built for Agencies from the scratch. Get reports for all your clients, campaigns, competitors, Influencers, and even new pitches - in a downloadable format.

360° Social Media Analytics

360° Social Media Analytics

Tracking & Reporting

Get in-depth analytics for your client's brands and their competitors across Facebook. Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Download customised reports in PPT & XLS.

Social Media Monitoring

Track all your upcoming campaigns, monitor conversations for your clients, and create reports - all from the same dashboard.

Influencer Analytics

Find new Influencers from our ever-growing database using filters like Locations, Categories, Followers, etc. Unlock insights for any influencer and create the perfect Influencer Marketing campaign.

data of all your clients

Whether 1 or 100, add all your clients' brands to the Inclick Dashboard. Group them as you like and instantly compare in groups.

Data for new pitches

New pitch coming up? Don't worry! We got your back! Just add the brand along with a few more from the same industry to your dashboard and instantly get a sneak-peek into their strategy.

Manage Your team

Create separate dashboards for different client servicing and sales teams. Easily manage permissions from your primary account.

white labeled reports

Inclick's customised and white labeled reports eliminates the tedious task of creating performance reports for clients. Our tech team will customise reports for you, however you like it. All you have to do is click on "Download" and send it across.

Agency pricing

We understand how Agencies work and that’s why we have a slightly different pricing to suit your needs. To keep you well-prepared for all the ad-hoc work that keeps coming in, we have flexible plans. You can start with any of the core packages and buy add-ons on the go.

Base Packages


Per month

  • 10 Brands (40 Profiles)
  • 2 Campaigns
  • 5k Mentions
  • 5 Influencer Reports
  • 2 Dashboards


Per month

  • 20 Brands (80 Profiles)
  • 5 Campaigns
  • 30k Mentions
  • 10 Influencer Reports
  • 5 Dashboards


Per month

  • 30 Brands (120 Profiles)
  • 8 Campaigns
  • 50k Mentions
  • 20 Influencer Reports
  • 10 Dashboards
  • Customisation Request
  • Dedicated Client Servicing Manager


10 Extra Brands


10 Extra Influencer Reports


50k Extra Mentions


2 Extra Dashboards


Note: If you have a different or limited requirement, explain us your use-case and take a custom quote.

Frequently asked questions

Inclick is a platform designed for Social Media teams that require access to various types of Social Media data quickly. Inclick makes your entire team data-first. It keeps an eye on important data points that your clients can ask and saves your hours of tedious work everyday. It gives you data from various Social Media sources – all within the same dashboard so you don’t have to deal with multiple vendors. 

We understand how agencies work and how their requirements might change from month-to-month. The agency model has been built keeping specific requirements of agencies in mind. In Agency model, you can add brands from any industry to your account, buy add-ons on the go, have prioritized support, and even request custom features or whitelabeling. 

Our agency-friendly pricing lets you and your team work freely without binding you in long-term contracts. You can start with a base package of your choice, and switch add-ons as per your requirements every month. You will only be billed as per your usage. For eg., if you have certain new pitches or campaigns coming up in a certain month, you can buy extra credits for that month and reduce them the next month.

Yes, totally! Inclick is what it is today with feedback from our customers. If you require certain datapoints or features, talk to us about them. If that’s something that can help everyone, we will happily put that on our development roadmap. Customisations like white-labeling of reports, logos, design changes on reports can easily be done.

A brand is a group of a brand’s (whether owned or competitor) Social Media Profiles across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. 

A campaign is a combination of 5 keywords that you want to track across Social Media. It could be hashtags or keywords.

A mention is a unique post from Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter that contains a keyword from the campaign.

An Influencer Report is a downloadable report about any Influencer from our database that gives insights into the Influencer. Influencer Discovery is free and unlimited for all users in all packages. 

Haha! Sorry we are just rubbing salt on your wounds. We know you get asked that a lot! While that remains a question even we can’t answer, there are many other answers you can easily find on Inclick. Request Your Free Demo today!

Our clients say

"Accurate data is a necessity for Social Media Marketing. With Inclick we are able to easily access all the information we need about our brand's social media performance and our competitor's in an instant."
Sahil Agarwal
Digital Marketer
"Inclick Track has been a very helpful tool in our Analytics practice. It has reduced our turnaround time by 80%. The team at Inclick was open to feedback, made proactive suggestions and came to the table with solutions."
Amita Major
Hungama Digital Services
"Inclick has a great User Interface. It's easy to navigate your way throughout the dashboard. Since Inclick offers multiple solutions - reporting, hashtag tracking, sentimental analysis, influencer discovery, competitive analysis and more - in one place, it is a good value for money."
Kritika Shukla
Hashtag Orange
"Inclick is a must have for brand analysis and report making. It saves time of data collation from different metrics and social media platforms. The numbers are 100% accurate and it gives many important metrics which Facebook insights does not give. The best part is the tool can be customised as per needs and the support sections is very responsive."
Tejas Salian