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Using competitive analysis you can stay ahead of your competitors and become the leaders of your Industry. With Inclick you can evaluate any brand's Social Media Performance using 40+ KPIs across 4 major social media platforms - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube

social media reporting

Take a look at your competitor's social media performance.

Inclick has a database of over a 1000 brands that you can have full access to. And that’s not all, we can also provide you with data for any brand that you want, even if it’s not already there. How? You can add it to the database, all by yourself. 

How it works

Add any brand

Get insights for any brand using Inclick. Just select from our list of hundreds of brands or add your own using account handles. You don't need admin rights to add the brand.

View Analysis

Once added to the database you can access all the insights about a brand's performance from your dashboard. 

Create Reports

Select the brand and the duration for which you want to download the report and Inclick will do the rest. Inclick gives you the most comprehensive PPT Report with over 30+ editable slides covering everything about the brand. 

Social Media Analysis

Key Features

Download any brand's Social Media Report

Download Competitor's Report

Download any report that you need in under a minute. Inclick automates the report building process using AI, hence saving 85% of your time.

Stay Meeting Ready

Stay ready for giving a presentation or for a pitch using the multi-format (PPT, XLS, CSV, PNG and PDF) downloadable Social Media Reports. 

Stay ahead of your competitors

Lead your Industry

With competitive social media analysis at your disposal, you can explore every marketing strategy that ever resonated with your customers. See the hidden patterns in their success and use this knowledge to your advantage. 

Group 'em

Categorize the brands that you have added to your dashboard in groups. Compare the performance of the brands that are a part of the same Industry segment for a fair social media analysis.  

Complete analysis using 40+ KPIs & more

Popular Platforms Covered

Any brand's Social Media Performance can be evaluated using 40+ KPIs across 4 different social media platforms - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. 

Ask for More Metrics

If there are any other metrics you need for better analysis, let us know and we will add them to the dashboard. 

Enhanced Metrics for your brand's Instagram Stories

Retain Stories Data

Unlike Instagram, Inclick doesn't delete your Instagram Stories Data. Once you add a brand to Inclick, data for stories is retained forever. You can download Stories Data whenever your like, even after months.

In-Depth Analysis

Stories is an amazing way to share things with your fans and followers. It is being used actively by brands everyday but Instagram's metrics aren't that detailed. With Inclick, you get pretty detailed insights about your stories including Completion Rate, Best Performing Stories, and more.

Compare performance with specific metrics

Post Performance

Take a look at the number and types of posts published by a brand over a specific period of time. What all is a brand posting and its performance.

Paid Media

Stop switching dashboards. Inclick offers all metrics within the same dashboard making your work a lot easier. If you deal with paid ads also, Inclick has a comprehensive dashboard that gives your insights about your paid ads also.

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