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What’s new in Inclick Track

Sweet and Spice, and everything nice!

Every time you open your browser, you have a mission to accomplish: trips to plan, emails to send, stories to read, or skills to learn, we want to make sure the time you spend with us is as productive as possible. At Inclick, our sole vision is to create products that you love, products that help you save your time and efforts. Whether it’s tweaking or creating new features, our engineering team is always busy evolving the Inclick Platform. We are very responsive to feedback from everyone and make sure that everyone who uses Track gets the best possible insights and the maximum number of data points. Although we keep fixing things every day, this update is special because of the new tools we are bringing in this update. Here’s a rundown of everything that’s new.

Launching Instagram Stories

You asked for it, we got it, like always. This is our biggest update for this version. You can now get insights about your brand’s Instagram Stories right in your Inclick Track dashboard. We have included all important data points and created some of our own including:

  • Reach & Impressions
  • Replies & Exits
  • Taps Forward & Taps Back
  • Completion Rate
  • Average Completion Rate (Page Level)

You can also get Stories Type in Pie Chart Format, Stories published per day, Reach & Impressions per day and many more. We also have a dedicated page where you can view all stories in a specific period and filter them on the basis of Media Type, Reach, Impressions, Exits, Replies, and more.

Fresh UI/UX

Your Inclick Track dashboard is now more colourful. We are changing the overall look of how our dashboard looks like. Everything now looks cleaner, crispier, and sharper. We have also introduced new colours on all graphs and pages. We have also improved responsiveness on mobile devices.


Reporting Engine

There’s a fresh new look on our reports also. We are now including some important metrics like Interaction Rates, Month-on-Month growth rates, Post-level insights for all networks and more. We are also introducing a graph exporting button on top of all graphs. Use this button to instantly download PNG images of graphs to include in your own pitch deck.


Better Support for Teams

Going forward, all users will have an option to invite their teammates to join Inclick Track from within the dashboard. Teams will also be able to share authorisation tokens for all owned brands easily.


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We hope you like these features and continue supporting us in our journey to become the best social media intelligence platform.