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Viral Social Media Campaign – How to create one?

Creating a viral social media campaign is not as easy as it might seem. A social media campaign doesn’t get viral by chance. Every campaign that went viral in history had some common denominators that might not be so apparent at first. Irrespective of the time that they were launched in.

Here at Inclick, we have been tracking the social moves of over 1000 brands across multiple social media platforms. By thoroughly analyzing the campaigns that performed exceptionally well launched by some of these brands, we were able to point out the common factors among them.

Using the same, we have created a checklist for you to be able to build a social media marketing campaign with the potential of going viral.

What are the benefits of Viral Social Media Campaign?

Brand Awareness

Reaching a large sum of the audience is never easier than by audience endorsements and shares across platforms.

Every marketing campaign has a goal. Increased sales, brand awareness, product awareness, and social influence are some of them. The list although is endless. If you end up creating a Viral Social Media Campaign, you can interact with the audience that is otherwise far beyond your direct reach and have them engage with your brand because of the campaign.

Minimum Budget

A viral campaign by definition is the one that is shared by the initiatives of multiple million people without the brand having to intervene monetarily for eventual promotion. A brand will have to make an initial investment to get a campaign in momentum. But eventually it’s the people that keep it running, and, the brand ends up saving a lot of money overall. 

Magnified Exposure

If a piece of content is liked by a certain group of people, and they share it on their profile, it reaches their friends and followers. Meaning, the people who follow the individuals that follow the brand. Now imagine that being shared by more individuals, multiple times over in various circles, and the reach of that campaign goes on spreading like a wildfire.

Hence giving the brand the kind of exposure that is otherwise very difficult to achieve using only conventional methods.     

Checkpoints for creating a Viral Social Media Campaign

Try and incorporate as many of the items as you can in your next social media marketing campaign from the list below.

Audience centric not product centric

There are two parts to it.

1) Instead of telling the features of the product/service to the audience, try to emphasize the idea of the product, and the comfort or benefit it brings to its users.

Think from a customer’s point of view. The product/service that you build/offer can be outstanding but if an individual fails to understand it’s relevance to his life, it will fail. And, so will the campaign associated with it.

2) Sometimes, it’s the belief that sells a product, more than the product itself.

Be it the idea of an ideal society that banishes all stereotypes, or that a part of the money that is earned from a particular product goes into constructing schools and providing education to underprivileged children.

Knowing that a brand is not just about making a profit but is also trying to bring a change in the society, resonates with the audience and helps them connect with the brand at a very different level.  

Happy customers

If you are one of those brands, emphasize it. Don’t try to keep it under the hood.

Follow your audience | Don’t force it

There is no product/service in this entire world that every single individual would want to buy.

So try not to force your product on everyone. Understand the possible market for your product. Who are the individuals that will benefit from your product and target them? People like to have a well-informed choice. If the idea or use of the product appeals to them, they will put their money on it.  

Remember, even an outstanding product, if put in the wrong market is bound to fail.

Be on time | not before, not after

Using the insights offered by various social media apps and some tools outside of it, you can easily figure out a time slot when most of your followers are active on a particular platform.

Release the campaign at a time when you can reach the maximum number of people organically as well as through paid means to get the best engagement results.  

Eye Pleasing

Well, this is an obvious one. If it is not visually appealing, no one would even bother to give their thumb a rest and read what you have to say.

If it doesn’t catch the eye of the viewer while they are scrolling through their feed, it won’t get enough engagement, let alone become a viral social media campaign.

You could use,

  • color in an interesting way
  • one word with major emphasis instead of writing a story
  • make a simple visual message that is easy to grasp while on the scroll.

Think about all the aspects of a post that make you want to stop scrolling and incorporate those factors in the campaign.  

Get endorsed

One of the most effective ways to reach a larger number of audiences is by connecting with influencers.

influencer campaign

A product/ service has a higher rate of being consumed if it is endorsed by influencers as it is a more trusted source of information. To the extent that it has its own name in the marketing world, called influencer marketing. If you want to build a viral social media campaign, connect with the right people.

People have said that they are more likely to consider a product while making a purchase decision if it is recommended by friends, peers or influencers.   

Appeals enough to share and promote

There are two ways to get your campaign promoted

  1. by paying for it.
  2. if you invest enough time, and research to bring meaning to what you are offering, in order for people to easily relate with it, and think further than the cost, it will get shared.   

Stay Civil

There are multiple ways to say what’s on your mind. There is a Dale Carnegie way and then there are the rest of the ways.

When it comes to social media, everyone tries to save face.

If you build a campaign that is aggressive, uses a certain kind of language, certain kind of visuals, it won’t spread very far. Workaround content that increases the value of not just your brand, but also of every individual that supports it. Maybe add some fun humor to it too.

Two way conversation | CTA

It is not a conversation if there is only one person talking. Motivate your audience to take part in the conversation. The campaign that you have created should motivate your audience to get voluntarily involved.

You cannot spread awareness if no one is listening. Throw in a challenge, ask for an involvement (which doesn’t necessarily have to be commenting on a post). The sky is the limit. Think beyond, think wild, and think like a child. 

Involve people.

Viral Social Media Campaign

Stay Fresh

I can understand, it can get difficult to stay original with all the information that you consume every hour of the day.

The key is to find information and inspiration from the source.

Don’t try to do what everyone else did. Do not copy what you think is the most successful campaign. Taking inspiration and copying are two very different things. The checklist we are providing you here is to help you build an original campaign. This is an inspiration and a direction.

A hand of Friendship

Try to stay at the same level as the people that you are trying to reach.

Stay friendly. Connect with the people. Show them that you are a member of the same club. Nobody likes an intruder preaching.  

Analyze, Evaluate, Edit and Repeat

Analyzing the performance of your campaign as it unfolds, is important to know what direction it takes.

Who all are getting involved, who all are not, what is being talked about your campaign, its engagement, and a lot more. Don’t worry, you don’t have to sit down and do it manually. You can take automated help to understand the performance of your Campaign.

Once you have all the data and numbers in place, dig deep through the surface and try to evaluate the factors that worked in favor of your campaign, the ones that didn’t and the factors that influenced the overall success.

If you have a detailed understanding of all that is mentioned above it will be easier for you to;

  1. make necessary edits
  2. build the next campaign based on the learning and observations of your previous attempt at building a social media campaign with the potential to go viral.

Yes, not every time you might be able to hit the nail on the head. Stay patient and very observant of the details.


ALS ( Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) Ice bucket Challenge

The challenge encouraged people to pour a bucket of ice water over their heads and nominate more to do the same in the next 24 hours. Along with making a charitable financial donation to ALS.

Like a girl

“Using Like A Girl as an insult is a hard knock against any adolescent girl. And since the rest of puberty’s really no picnic either, it’s easy to see what a huge impact it can have on a girl’s self-confidence.” Get complete insights here.

This campaign set out for a battle to help girls everywhere realizes that doing anything like a girl is no different than being themselves. Which is downright amazing.

Dove Real Beauty Sketches

By means of hand-drawn sketches, Dove tried to explore the difference between how an individual perceives himself/herself and how others perceive them.

Swiggy Voice of Hunger

“Wondering what this was? Not a typo for sure! It was our Voice of Hunger! Get ready for the Swiggy Voice Of Hunger challenge. You just need to recreate food shapes through Instagram VOICE NOTES, to win a year worth of food vouchers! 1st challenge coming up tomorrow. Stay Tuned!”

Viral Social Media Campaign


A viral social media campaign is not a category of marketing strategy that you build. It is about building a marketing campaign in a way that is acceptable by the public to the extent where people feel like getting involved and be a part of it. Both online and offline, from all walks of life.

After you succeed in making a campaign that goes viral, your brand’s awareness, engagement, and sales will increase dramatically.

What were your observations and learning’s from the campaigns that you build so far and what were the challenges that you faced? Share with us in the comments below. We might be able to help!

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