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Use Competitive Analysis to Create Better Content

Reality Check, Creating one piece of viral content will not be enough to create awareness about your brand, product or service for a lifetime. Using Competitive Analysis to create better content is the key to staying updated and trending.

With the surplus amount of information that is being fed over the internet, it has become somewhat difficult to keep people focused and engaged with one piece of content for too long. In order to stay in your audience’s memory for a longer duration, you need to keep making an appearance on their feed regularly. Try to make them want to hear more from you.

The only way to do that is by making interesting and lively content, so people would want to follow you. Competitive Analysis gives you very detailed insights about your industry trends and happenings. This can help you to build content that is both relevant and fun to engage with.

What is Competitive Analysis?

A thorough and systematic examination of any brands’ online content based on the available data about the contents’ performance, with or without the help of reporting tools, is Competitive Analysis.

Competitive Analysis is a vast concept. Analyzing your competitor’s marketing strategies based on the engagement of their audience, and the responses that they get is a major part of a competitive analysis.

There are multiple brands working in the same industry segment (sportswear, accessories, aviation, banking, etc.) trying to acquire the attention of as many people as possible. In this fast-paced market, every brand keeps on trying new strategies to get noticed. A major part of their marketing campaign includes creating content for online platforms like Websites, Blogs, and various Social Media Platforms.

With the use of multiple online platforms, it has become easier for a brand to get noticed by the audience, as well as its competitors. A competitor can evaluate and analyze any brand’s performance with the use of various competitive analysis tools, thoroughly.

How to get the analysis?

“Where there is a problem, there is an opportunist”

Social Media Competitive Analysis | Inclick Track

To get Competitive Analysis, you could either sit down and do the calculation the primitive way with pen and paper, doing manual calculations about mentions, likes, shares, and engagement.  Or, you could let automated processes, created by opportunists, do it for you to get you all the data you expect and more.

There are many Data Analytical Companies trying to help make a marketing professional’s work easier by giving them accurately analyzed data about any piece of content. The data is acquired from multiple sources across the entire network and then analyzed and presented in an understandable format.

Inclick, Band24, and Ahrefs are some of these Competitive Analysis tools that provide brands with relevant information for better evaluation and understanding of content. Based on the kind of tool you use, you can get insights about a brands’ SEO performance, content analysis, campaigns and the conversations happening related to your industry segment.

Read more about reporting tools for agencies in 2019 and social media reporting dashboards.

Why is Competitive Analysis important?

Every brand is a part of a much bigger pie. The brand itself, it’s competitors, customers, prospect customers, influencers, critics, marketing agencies, reporting companies, and social media networks – are some of the other parts that help form the complete pie.

Before making a decision, your prospect customer can access information about your brand from a variety of sources. With the use of competitive analysis, you can keep an eye on every conversation that is taking place around your brand and your competitor’s. This will help you to comprehensively understand your customer’s needs, problems, hopes and demands from your industry segment. If you can understand the customers’ problem, you can work on a solution.

Using Competitive Analysis for Better Content

Once you have the solution, you can create relevant content that best explains your vision and then work on a marketing strategy to spread the word amongst your prospects and across the market.

Without the use of Competitive Analysis, understanding the problems and potential of your industry can become a very time consuming and laborious process.

How to use Competitive Analysis to create better content?

A message about a product, service, vision or a belief along with relevant visual and interactive elements to explain the message better and to make it engaging, is what we refer to as good content.

To create better content, you need to first analyze the performance of your current content. Figure out if the content that you are creating at the moment is relevant to and in alignment with the current market demands. Remember, when it comes to marketing, you have to keep your eyes and ears open to your customer’s and audience’s demands.

How to do that? With the use of a combination of Competitive Analysis Tools that help you to,

  • listen to the most trending conversations in your industry.
  • track your competitors’ campaigns.
  • stay on the lookout for your industry’s influencers.
  • making a note of your audience’s needs and expectations.
  • evolve your brand according to the market demands.

Content is what reflects you and your brand’s essence for the world to see.

Try to use all the above-mentioned information about your industry segment to build content about your brand that is both true and serves a purpose.

To make your content more engaging you could add elements like

  • GIFs
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Memes
  • Q&A
  • Charts & Graphs
  • Cartoons & Illustrations
  • Lists
  • Pointers
  • Mind Maps
  • Infographics
  • Quotes
  • Quizzes
  • Polls
  • Predictions, and much more.

Sky literally is the limit! Get as innovative and experimental as you can when it comes to creating innovative content.

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