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The need for Reporting Tools has become imperative with the increase in the number of platforms for marketing.

There are many social media reporting tools available online for marketing agencies and professionals to choose from. The purpose of every tool is different from the other. Every reporting tool is designed keeping in mind specific needs for online marketing that might otherwise be a nightmare to compile and understand.

The one common thing about the reporting tools is that they try to simplify the vast complexities of the database available all over the network into understandable and usable information.

Let’s take a look at top 7 reporting tools for agencies and their purposes.  


Inclick Track is an Analytics and Reporting Tool which is built based on Digital Marketing Professionals’ requirements and feedback. Hence it is a tailor-made solution for all social media marketing agencies and agency professionals.

The best part? Inclick strives to help make every marketing professional’s life easier by providing them with one-click downloadable reports with pre-calculated accurate metrics. You can download these reports in PPT and XLS format for the required duration or for the required post. Inclick as a reporting tool provides AI-Powered solutions to aid marketers in understanding their customers as well as competitors through comprehensive information.

Inclick provides insights from 40+ data points, thus creating a very comprehensive picture of a brand. Also, the insights are available in an easy to understand visual format. The insights that you can get using Inclick are not only about your brand but about any brand under the sun (which includes your competitors). With the smart use of this tool, you can become the marketing genius of your industry.

Inclick is a  tracking and reporting tool which has made many marketing professionals’ life easier.

Some of the Important Features for Agencies are:

  • Comprehensive PPT and XLS Reports for Agencies
  • Customised datapoints available on request
  • Thousands of pre-added brands
  • No data expiry – Historical data can be used in reports
  • Instagram Stories
  • Separate dashboards for separate teams

Not only that, but Inclick also has a platform called Inclick Community which is a collaborative space of profound social media knowledge. Social Media Marketing Professionals can explore this platform for related content, engage with other professionals in a discussion and exchange ideas and their experiences.

PRODUCT PRICING: Starts at $300 or INR15,000
FREE TRIAL: 7 Days (Sign up here!)

Reporting Tools | Inclick Track


Brand24 is another reporting tool that helps you to get real time insights about your brand, product and competitor.

It can sometimes get difficult to keep an eye out for every customer or influencer who has something to say about your product. This is when Brand24, a social media listening tool, comes into play.

With the help of Brand24 you can get instant information about your brand’s mention and specified hashtags. You get notified every time they are mentioned on any platform.  

Along with providing numbers about mentions and audience reach, Brand24 can also analyze the comments received as positive and negative. It kind of reduces the need to setup a manual system for customer feedback.

A social media marketing professional can keep an eye out for all the conversations that are happening around a brand or a keyword across the network. Brand24 as a reporting tool can help you find mentions about your brand in places that are otherwise hard to reach.


Reporting Tools | Inclick Track


Mention is another listening tool that gives you alerts about your mentions, your competitors mentions or any keywords that you want to get notified about. These alerts are sent via email and can also be directly accessed on the app.

It not only tells you where you are being mentioned, but also gives details about who is mentioning it. The person’s bio, the blog’s link, etc. You can filter out relevant and irrelevant sources of mentions, and make sure you don’t get notified from irrelevant sources in the future.

Mention is a very well planned reporting tool that helps you to share alerts with your team and assign tasks to your team members from within the app. If you want, you can share your mentions on social platforms as well.

PRODUCT PRICING: $29 – $600+


Ahrefs as a reporting tool provides with insights relating to your website.

For any website to perform well, it takes more than just layout, graphics and aimless content. In order to drive more traffic to your website, you need to keep in mind many different metrics from SEO to content analysis. Ahrefs help a digital marketing professional get the maximum from its website by providing them with necessary insights and performance reports.

Ahrefs can help a Digital Marketing Professional with building better SEO, looking for Ranking Keywords, Link Building, Backlink Analysis, Competitive Analysis, URL Rankings, Reports and much more.

This reporting tool uses multiple SEO related metrics to analyze the performance of a website including its ranking on Google search results. It can even give you details about the keywords that your website is ranking on and analyzing the content accordingly.

It can help a professional to build a more engaging and better ranking website with the help of necessary insights.

FREE TRIAL: $7 for 7 Days

Website Reporting Tool | Inclick Track


Moz is essentially a SEO based SAAS company that aims at helping its user to rank better.

To achieve its goal, it offers multiple tools and suggestions that the user can work around in order to get a better ranking for its website. As they say, ” it’s much easier to improve from a MozRank of 3 to 4 than it is to improve from 8 to 9.”

They are experts of their field and considering what they say, we could all use their help and expertise in this competitive world.

In order to help marketing agencies and professionals, they have developed a toolset that includes Moz Analytics, Open site Explorer, Followerwonk, Moz Local, Rank Tracker, Fresh Web Explore, amongst others.

Whether you are just starting out, or have been in the marketing game for a long time, Moz can prove to be a true friend with an SEO expertize.

FREE TRIAL: 30 Days (Credit Card Required)

SEO Reporting Tools | Inclick Track


Awario is a listening tool that works across platforms and also offers boolean search.

Listen to the conversations happening around the keywords that you set the alerts for. You can set up email notifications for the alerts. In time if you feel like not listening from certain sources (for whatever reason) you can remove them, and not get another notification from them in the future.

Based on the information accumulated using Awario as a reporting tool, you can look for definite prospects and work towards generating leads.

In the beginning, the tool might seem a little tricky to use, but if you hold on for a little while, you’ll get a hang of it.


Listening Tools

Fanpage Karma

Fanpage Karma is a social media monitoring and analytics tool. It aims at helping its user to better engage with their fans and followers and grow their online community.

Using Fanpage Karma, you can plan when to post what, as it provides valuable followers related insights so a user can reach as many followers as possible. It helps its clients to publish their posts at right frequencies, most engaging hours, about best topics and the types of posts that they can work on.

This is a major part of what every social media profile owner wants. Fanpage Karma helps to achieve it. It seems obvious that the more optimal you are about your posts, the timing, and publishing of the post strategies, the more engagement you might get. The insights that it provides is not just for yourself, but also for your competitors.

It goes without saying, that you can learn a lot from your competitors.

PRODUCT PRICING: $69.90 – $479.90 for Analytics
FREE TRIAL: Variable

Fanpage Karma

To conclude,

It is a very complex and competitive world online. There are many blogs and online platforms that are always involved in some or the other conversation. Filtering out  and keeping a record of all the relevant data and conversation that is taking place manually, is next to impossible. This is where the need for online monitoring, analytical and reporting tools arises.

The 7 reporting tools mentioned above, are experts in their fields. It is up to you to pick the ones that work best for you according to your brand module and needs. Having AI backed reporting tools can give you accurate data in a matter of moments compiled in an easy to comprehend format.

With the ability to access this data anywhere at any given point can help you build a stronger name and position for your brand in the market.

Have you tried any of these tools before? Share your experience with us in the comments below

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