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Top 5 Social Media Reporting Dashboards

It is easy to act but tough to keep track of the actions. Social Media Reporting Dashboards can help you observe and track data across the web (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Blogs and more) via a simple and user-friendly interface. There are various kinds of dashboards available online today with diverse specializations. All social media reporting dashboards are built for varying purposes. So you might want to research well before you decide which dashboard works best for your current requirements.

To understand better, a social media reporting dashboard could be:

  • Aiming at a particular social media platform
  • Performing only based on specific data
  • Only monitoring your own actions
  • Tracking your mentions
  • Offering sentimental analysis of your posts
  • Offering campaign reporting
  • influencer based statistics

Here is a detailed look into 5 of the top Social Media Reporting Dashboards that you should be using:

Also, take a look at the common denominators that most viral social media campaigns have in common.

Inclick Track

Inclick Track is a Social Media Analytics & Reporting Tool. It tracks all the activities of multiple brands on four major social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. You can easily contemplate your brand’s activities individually and in comparison to other brands’ performance. It provides the user with AI-Powered insights in one place without having to login into individual accounts. Inclick has been specially designed for agencies who handle multiple clients at once.

Not just that it also lets the user explore content from all three (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) platforms for interesting and trending content from various sources for research and inspiration. This can help content creators understand what works, and what doesn’t. With Inclick, you can get detailed insights for your own brands and your competitors. The data that is available on the Social Media Dashboard can easily be downloaded in an editable format in PPT and XLS.

Competitive Features Cost Suitable For Web Link
In-Depth Analytics available across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. Downloadable in editable format. Starts at INR 15000/Month for upto 20 Brands Medium and Large Agencies & Brands
Social Media Reporting Dashboard by Inclick Track


When it comes to online visibility, you cannot ignore Snapchat. It’s the coolest Social Media App out there and youngsters love it. However, Snapchat doesn’t provide a lot of insights, and brands miss out on that data. 3rd Party Tools like Snaplytics come in handy to solve this problem. Snaplytics is primarily a Snapchat Oriented Social Media Dashboard.

It assists the user to create engaging stories and content along with providing them with their performance insights. You can easily schedule your stories in advance to be posted at a specific time. The system provides you with industry benchmarks to judge your performance and plan future posts. They have expanded their features to be used for Instagram as well. Brands can easily engage with their audience, one to one, through this platform.

Having insights about your competitors’ stories and branded hashtags, story-wise, can prove to be the only missing ingredient in your success.

Competitive Features Cost Suitable For Web Link
Focuses on Snapchat, Post Scheduling, Tracking, Branded Hashtags Variable Brands with active presence on Snapchat


Brand24 is a Social Media Monitoring dashboard. You can discover, in real time, everything that is being talked about your brand. To monitor every time someone mentions you or your brand can be difficult, and Brand24 services you by doing just that.

The dashboard makes it easy to track your hashtags, across multiple platforms, so you know in case something is not working out as planned as soon as possible and minimize the damage. This can aid you to build the reputation you intend.

For anyone who is just starting out or is not well versed with social media metrics, it can be difficult to find the most influential people on the platform. But worry not, Brand24 is yet again here for help.

Competitive Features Cost Suitable For Web Link
Social Media and Web Listening Starts at $99/Month Brands and Agencies

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a Website Analytics service. It aims at providing information about small and medium-sized websites.

It provides you with quantitative data about your audience from multiple angles, like language, location, audience and search history about traffic like organic search, paid search, referral, email or other. You can set a goal using the app, for eg, you could set a goal to know total visits to a particular page or the number of clicks to a specific download link, and it will start analyzing the same. Using the goals feature of Google Analytics, you can set up and easily measure your Social Media conversions.

This is an amazing tool for businesses to understand how their website is performing by telling them how many new users visited the website, how many people returned to the website, bounce rate and session durations, which can help build your future content strategically.

Competitive Features Cost Suitable For Web Link
Website and Social Media Conversions. Great for setting up goals Free Brands

Upfluence Analytics

Upfluence Analytics is an Influencer Analytics based dashboard. This is a very distinct place which aims at finding the most influential people in specific circles. You can filter out an influencer to approach or follow by specifying the language, demographic, a particular social platform and following amongst other details.

Upfluence lets you optimize your search to identify influencers based on the type of following they have. The followers are categorized by their gender, age, and location.

Competitive Features Cost Suitable For Web Link
Influencer & Analytics Variable Brands
Social Media Reporting Dashboards

As a conclusion, you require various types of social media reporting dashboards to be a pro at Social Media.

  • Listening: The number of Social media conversations that are happening at any given point of time is massive. A Listening dashboard can help you understand conversations around your brand, competition, or hashtag.
  • Analytics: For larger brands and agencies, only listening is not enough. They need to stay one step ahead of their competitors. An analytics & reporting tool can help brands understand the content that is working for them and their competitors.
  • Traffic Sources: Since most of the customers are online now, brands need to keep an eye on traffic sources and conversions.
  • Influencer Analytics: Influencers are an important part of the Digital Marketing game, nowadays. To be a pro, a brand needs to stay on top of Influencer’s data as well.




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