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Give your business the competitive edge, as we welcome Diwali.

The festive season is approaching and celebrations are around the corner. Diwali is less than a month from now. People have started planning things they need and want to buy and the things they don’t need but they still want to buy. Well, tbh that’s the best part about festivals for businesses. Isn’t it? People also buy stuff they don’t really want; they should just feel good. They also spend money on gifts for friends, families, and others 😉

Your customers are in a happy mood and your competitors are leveraging the opportunity. You need to keep a track of their campaigns and engagement before they win the market. Here are a few ways you can take advantage of Social Media Analytics for Competitors and stay ahead on Social Media during this Diwali season.

Divide your Marketing Strategy into two phases: Phase I (Today till October 7th) & Phase II (October 7th till 24th October). Allocate a budget and time according to your business. Some businesses will capitalize during Phase II while some of you might make your big bucks in Phase I. Anyways, both phases are important and you need to ride the momentum.

Here are a few tips that you should be doing starting today and why you should be doing them:

  • Build brand awareness – Get your brand front and center to build awareness and spark Diwali inspiration. Don’t forget the long-term goal because of the short ones. Establishing your brand is far more important than just Diwali Sales. See it as an opportunity for branding rather than an opportunity to make more money. Change your cover and display pictures across networks. Let people know you’re in a mood of celebration like they are. Use bright colors that align with your branding guidelines. This will make your brand stand out.

    Cadbury Celebrations Facebook Page Preparing for Diwali Inclick Social Media Analytics
    Cadbury Celebrations Facebook Page Preparing for Diwali
  • Share seasonal messages that speak to gatherings and festivities. Don’t just post or advertise your products. Your customers are already getting a lot of ads, emails, SMSes and what not! You need to be creative with what you share. Remember what I told you in my last post? Don’t advertise, communicate! A few things you can do:
    • Share strong visual elements like vivid images of sweets, cakes, etc.
    • Connect with your customers emotionally. Think before you post and only post content where your users can connect. For eg. Homecoming or Meeting Family. You actually don’t need to be an IIM alumni to think this.
    • Support a cause, make a charity. Give back to society. Support local causes like the pollution firecrackers cause. Offer to make a donation to NGOs or poor kids if a target is reached. And then genuinely do that!You should also consider promoting seasonal posts as they offer a much higher engagement for a much lower price. See Example below:

      Social Media Analytics Facebook Analytics
      Spike in Talking About of Cadbury Celebrations page when they started posting Diwali Pictures
  • Don’t stick to a single type of post. Create Video Posts, Carousel Ads, Slideshows and optimise them for both Desktop and Mobile. Follow brands or use Inclick’s Discover feature to see what everyone’s posting and how you can create better content for your page. See what are brands posting, the type of post they are posting and the industry posting the maximum content to dig deeper.

    Social Media Analytics to understand what brands are posting
    Understand what brands are posting and what’s trending.


  • Keep a close, very close, look at competitors and understand where they are spending money and what they are posting. Understanding their Social Media Strategy will empower you to reach more customers without spending a lot of money.

    Compare with your competitors. Social Media Analytics.
    Compare with your competitors on Social Media
  • Offer genuine discounts and offers. Your customers will love it and they might tag their friends in your posts. New Customers are always nice, trust me!


For now, this is enough to get you started! I’ll be sharing more creative ideas, and ways so you can target more customers with less money in the next post. Stay tuned!

Switch to Inclick Track today and change how you use Social Media for your business. Start your 7 days free trial or request a demo today!

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