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Social Media Reporting – Why Inclick is a Better Choice

Inclick is an India based Social Media Reporting and Analytics company. It aims at helping every Social Media Marketing Agency from every possible angle.

The team at Inclick has built a very comfortable tool for Social Media Reporting and perfected it over a span of 3 years since 2016. But Inclick is not just a tool, it views itself as a one-stop platform for all Social Media Marketers.  

It offers comprehensive analytics about any Brands’ Performance, Insights, Inspiration for Social Media Marketing Campaigns, any Brands’ Social Media Performance Tracking, and much more, all in one place.

Hand Crafted Tool According to Professionals’ Requirement

Inclick is a tool that was originally built based on books and later edited and molded according to Social Media Reporting needs and requirements of Social Media Marketing Professionals.

Any product or tool is incomplete if it does not remedy the problems of its users.

One of the initial users of Inclick took the time to tell the team all that needed correction or wasn’t available as a part of the product. This was at the beginning of 2016.  Everything on that list and few other feedbacks from later clients is what it took for Inclick to became a reliable social media reporting assistant for every Social Media Marketer.

Looking to serve all Social Media Reporting Requirements

That’s not all. The team at Inclick understands the changing needs of the market and marketers. Social Media is an ever-evolving platform of communication and exchange of ideas and so are social media marketing strategies.

Inclick | Social Media Reporting

Inclick keeps track of that. It strives to make every Social Media Marketers Reporting requirements met to the maximum possible extent according to the changing scenarios. All you need to do is to keep the team in the loop with what you require.

Whatever you need, whenever you need it, Inclick is there to help. Send an email, or give a call and you can expect a response in the next 48 hours.

Free Resources – Report Template, Industry Report, Campaign Ideas and more

Feel free to find the recipe to Inclick’s secret sauce. You can download a free template for building a Social Media Report. The report has all the metrics pre-mentioned along with their calculation details for accuracy, along with graphs, charts, and other visual means to build it more comprehensively.

Inclick has provided with Social Media Industry Report with a focus on marketing budgets and marketers needs, unlike any other report.

Social Media Report 2019 | Marketing

Try looking for your next marketing campaign’s ideas via Inclick instead of Google this time, you might find some surprising results.

It is a company that focuses entirely on Social Media Marketing Professionals from all possible angles- Reports, Numbers, Industry Standards, Trends, Inspiration and much more.

Having said that if you still think that there is something lacking, you know what to do, right?

Just reach out to them with your query or requirement and stay updated with their products latest update inspired by you!

Fully Automated

Hate being in the queue? Being put on hold? Waiting for paperwork to go through? Having to explain yourself to every call executive?

Inclick is a fully automated software that you can sign up on by yourself with online payment options according to the duration for which you would like to use the tool and repeat the cycle.

There are multiple ‘How To’ Guides available on the Inclick Community page to help you get started as well as give you an in-depth tour of the tool. If there is any confusion, you can request for a demo and an Inclick member will reach you to solve any queries that you might have.

Inclick Guides

Not just the process of signing up is easy but you can also add your own Brand or a competitor’s that you might want to track on Social Media, on your own, using the guides for reference. Inclick is that automated. No waiting around. Get what you need in an instant.

Custom Download Information

Whichever report you need for whatever duration in either of the formats – PPT or XLS, you can easily download using Inclick. There are no specifications in respect of whose information you want to download. Anybody who has a presence on Social Media can be easily tracked using the tool.

In case you don’t need the entire report but only one graph that is the most relevant at the time, you can download it individually.

Let’s say you need information about a particular post and nothing else. You can see multi-angular insights of that particular post.

There are no boundaries for the information you require. The tool is completely customizable according to Social Media Marketers’ needs.

Meeting Ready

Be ready for any meeting with the ability to download any report or multiple reports instantly. Choose the duration for which you would like the report to be ready and click download. Edit the social media report with any extra information that you would like to add – your name, designation, your company’s logo, etc.

Be on the good side of your clients by never missing a deadline ever again. Building a report has never been easier and faster. Select the brand and the duration and let Inclick do the rest.

Inclick Track for happy clients

Edit the compiled report as per your needs and requirements and never miss out on any piece of information ever again.

Stalk for Inspiration

It doesn’t stop there. Let’s say a festival is approaching soon, or an event like the elections, and you want to know what brands are doing on social media for it. You can use the search option on Inclick to search for a keyword like Christmas, Diwali, Women’s Day, Chocolate, etc. and scroll through the relevant feed.

Save any posts that you would like to refer to in future on the board so you can easily go back to it.

Social Media Reporting | Marketing Campaign Inspiration

Want to know if the brand got any engagement on the post or how did the audience react to it? You know exactly where to go. Inclick is your one-stop destination.

You can stalk, get inspired, analyze and evaluate all in one place.

Pre-Calculated Social Media Metrics

There are over 60 Social Media Metrics available on Inclick to analyze your brand’s performance and over 40 Metrics to evaluate any other brands’ performance across Social Media Platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. The values of these metrics are pre calculated and are available at the click of a button.

You can easily analyze a brand’s performance, owned or otherwise, using all these metrics comprehensively and accurately.

Evaluating a brand’s performance has never been so fast and accurate. Inclick offers a 7 day free trial for all the curious ones out there. Try not to miss the opportunity and take a trial before forming an opinion, for better or for worse.

After all this,

Doesn’t a tour of the tool sound like a good idea? After all, writing over a 1000 words about a company that you do not believe in or reading about it does not happen.

Inclick is a good choice for anybody who is looking to have a sorted and comfortable reporting solution. It is available at any point in time without any prior notice. Sign up for Inclick here and let us know how you like the product in the comments below. Looking forward to hearing about your experience.

Social Media Report | Inclick Track

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