Social Media Reporting

Social Media Report – Challenges and Solutions

Social Media Report is a must to understand and analyze any brand’s performance across social media networks.

Like everything else, even reporting comes with some unique set of challenges. And, we, here at Inclick believe, “Where there are challenges, there are opportunities“. Making social media reporting process easy, flexible, and comprehensive according to Digital Marketing Professional’s requirements, is where we offer our expertise.

Let’s take a look at some of the Social Media Reporting Challenges faced by Digital Marketing Agencies and their Solutions.



For every report, you have to have a design layout, text format, and a list of the required information, before you even get started with the report building process. It could take you about 3-5 hours to just compile all the gathered information in a presentable format.

But, in case you don’t have all the necessary information or any of the above-mentioned requisites, it could take you almost a week (and some long working days) worth of time to collect all the data, work out a format, and type in all the required information.

With over 3.4 Billion Active Social Media Users, there is no saying how much the data will change and when.


By using an automated tool for social media reporting, you can get all the data you need, in a presentable format, for the required duration, ready to be downloaded. You can download this data in PPT and XLS format in just a couple of seconds.

In case your company already has a format in place and all you need is pre-calculated data and graphs, you can instantly get the desired data and detailed analytics by logging in to the specific tool.

Here is an Example.

Metrics to cover in Social Media Report


To analyze the performance of a brand can get tricky. Choosing the right metric to get the desired insight about any brands’ performance is not easy.

Not just that, but calculating the metrics that you need can be a bit complex. Getting accurate numbers and right calculation details are imperative to understanding the success of every social media strategy and social media campaign.

Data Collection and Automation | Inclick

For Example, you can understand the performance of an individual post by,

  • the number of likes (in a particular duration or overall)
  • comments
  • shares
  • total engagement
  • organic and inorganic interactions
  • page post engagement rate

Collecting the right numbers and calculating using the right formulas manually can take hours. Considering the reality, there is a tiny possibility of manual error (which can be caused because of stress, fatigue, procrastination or lack of focus).


With automated reporting, you can get all the metrics required for evaluation of any brand’s social media performance, pre-calculated in one place with 99% accuracy.

You can save the time otherwise invested in collection and calculation of all the data metrics, by having Social Media Reporting Tools do the job for you. While you do something a little less mundane like planning the next campaign or working on a new pitch.

Collection of Data


Every Digital Marketing Agency and Digital Marketing Professional thrives on accurate and relevant data.

Depending on the number of brand profiles that a team or an individual is handling, collection of data can get that much more complex and overwhelming.

Getting insights from Facebook and Instagram is easy. But calculating more complex and important metrics with those insights can get way too time-consuming, stressful, and confusing.


Companies like Inclick strive to make data collection and the process of building Social Media Reports easier.

A reporting company can access all the required information for the evaluation of a brand’s social media performance using APIs. All the data that you thus receive is accurate and reliable. The collected data is then calculated according to different metrics and presented in a quick to understand format.

You can have all the insights you need with just a few clicks of a button.



For accurate results, you need,

  • access to accurate data
  • calculation details of necessary metrics
  • mental focus to filter the right numbers for calculation
  • enough time

If by chance you mess up at any point, there is a lot more at stake than your sleep.

Data calculation | Inclick Track

Let automation take over your tedious tasks so you never have to cut down on your sleep time or miss out your favorite team’s game ever again!

You can get all the analytical data you need with 99% accuracy, in an easy to understand graphical format, ready to be downloaded according to your needs and requirements.

Automated Social Media Report


It could get a little confusing to get started with an automated reporting tool.


But worry not, you can easily ask for a demo and the tech team will be more than happy to help you get started. You can even access the How-To guides to explore the tool on your own.

Automated Social Media Report | Infographic

By letting Inclick Track take care of your Social Media Reporting and Data collection needs, you will never be late to another party, movie, game, or meeting.

Think of how much of your coffee consumption will reduce if you don’t have to work overtime for data collection and calculation. You could get one step closer to building a work-life balance.

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