Before getting into Social media marketing let’s take a quick dive into what social media platform is?

Social Media Platform as the name suggests is a platform that brings together communities of like-minded people, a social media platform isn’t simply a website it goes beyond the definition of a website. The coolest social media platforms as we know it, runs on complex algorithms which anchor web, of course, it is a virtual community where people come together and connect with each other, hence the term social media. There are certain policies that are kept in check which only makes the user’s experience more awesome, for example in Quora downvoting a question improves Quora for everyone, similarly reporting plagiarized content bans the account of people who did it, which only seems fair, because people who created the original content, their efforts shouldn’t go in vain.

Now that we have broken down the concept of Social Media Platform, so let’s take a deeper dive into Social Media Marketing.

Provided the fact that these virtual communities contain an enormous amount of diversified traffic, easily demonstrates the potential of this awesome platform that we are talking about.

This begins our journey to discover the awesome opportunities that these social media handles offers to marketers to reach out to their users in a far efficient way.

As per the statistics, Facebook has over 2 billion monthly active users.

Quora gets 250 million monthly active users.

(Phew…) Now that’s a lot of traffic that you are getting, just imagine the proposition here, commerce is no longer producers-consumer relationship, now in this digital revolution we have entered the producer-user relationship, which allows the producer to command loyalty which is possibly getting to know thy users. Engaging with them. Involving them. Making them feel valuable. Social Media is the answer to these objectives.

Marketers want to be where their target audience is and thanks to social media, it is a piece of cake to segregate the traffic into parameters that allows brands to devise clever strategies.

Inclick Track


Like if you want to market professional goods or business-centric solutions then, in that case, it wouldn’t take you long to figure out that LinkedIn is the place where you want to reflect and command your presence. LinkedIn primarily caters to the professional niche which makes it easier for the businesses to gain impactful exposure that delivers concrete results, also LinkedIn is a place where users come to gain knowledge so, in addition to marketing, we can also educate our users about the usefulness of our product.

If it is consumer-centric product or solution that you want to advertise, then Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube is the best place where are you want to be, additionally because it offers retargeting features so you don’t miss out on your would-be customers and also Facebook & Instagram provides insights on every post that you post, the insights are quantifiable.

Inclick Track which is a social media intelligence tool eliminates the hassle of manually going through all of your posts and calibrating the results and then preparing reports. That’s a boring, time consuming and monotonous way of getting things done.

With Inclick Track application you can keep track of not only your handle but also what your competitors are up to. Sounds awesome right?

Social Media Marketing & Tracking Platform: Inclick Track
Social Media Marketing & Tracking Platform: Inclick Track
Social Media Marketing & Tracking Platform: Inclick Track
Social Media Marketing & Tracking Platform: Inclick Track

The above 2 images demonstrate the utility of the application.

If you are looking forward to creating paid promotion or advertisement on Facebook or Instagram, then you get retargeting options wherein you target people on the basis of their territory, interests, gender, and age. With the help of targeting your advertisement will appear only to your prospects and that will increase the likelihood of conversions.

Twitter is a micro-blogging platform which has increased its character limit recently to 240 characters, the recent trend that has been observed in Twitter for social media marketing is conducting Q&A through tweets and specific hashtag are used for that purpose, the intel as collected from those Q&A rounds paves the way for creating content for blog and other social media handles, what’s interesting about this is the fact that the data compiled in the content will be as per the followers perspective as generalized through Twitter. More than that the tweet which gains maximum participation can be pinned and also retweeted to create the lasting impact.

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