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Social Media 2019 | Change in perception

Social Media is one of the ever-evolving platforms on social media. As the usage of a product increases, it’s potential starts to unfold.

What is Social Media?

It is an internet-based platform that serves as a medium for communication. The communication that takes place is for the people and by the people. Irrespective of who they are, and where they come from.

It is a collective of multiple platforms and a part of Digital Media. To send and receive information with the use of social media is multiple times faster than conventional media. Hence all the companies that were a part of conventional forms of media (newspaper, television, and radio) have now found their places on the digital platform as well.

According to Neil Patel’s social media predictions for 2019, social media platforms want to take over the television networks. They all have the option for going live, and options like IG TV. Not just that, YouTube and Facebook want to broadcast sports events. So yes, it does make a lot of sense.

With the use of Social Media every individual has the power to communicate with the masses and have themselves heard. You can easily interact with the rest of the world, build and share the content of your choosing, and collaborate with anybody sitting anywhere in the world.

Geography does not restrict anyone anymore.

Social Media 2019

Social Media although was once used to interact with friends and family, is now used for much more. You can find individuals, influencers, news tellers, writers, bloggers, forums, conferences, businesses and much more. It is impossible to keep count of the number of ways that social media is being leveraged in 2019.

Digital Media is a superhero, and its superpower is that any individual, with or without a resume, can connect and share any piece of information, product or service with anybody over the internet. The potential of this superpower is actually pretty massive!

The power of Social Media

As the number of social media users has increased, so has it’s uses. One major use happens to be voicing an opinion – positive and negative both – about any brand’s product or service. In case the customer service department is not of help, the customers would try every possible way to be heard including the use of digital media.

If a customer has a dissatisfaction of any sort, they have learned to seek the brand’s attention. A lot of brands have learned the hard way to listen to their customers. They had to face huge losses, both monetarily and in goodwill, because of an unsatisfied review and low rating on the digital media.

But that’s not all. The opposite is also very much true. Many brands have claimed business worth millions in a very short timeline because of good social media reviews.

Source: TripAdvisor

Social Media is not a place where only customers interact with the brands. The brand and brand builders use it to stay in touch with and connect with their audiences. But it just so happens that sometimes, what they intend doesn’t happen and the brand has pay for it.

You need to realize the importance of positive reviews on social media. Try to get as much of positivity about your brand as possible. As we talked before, social media can be unforgiving at times.

To stay on the good side, you need to re-train your customer service providers to deal with your customers the right way. So if there is a complain, there is an apology for discomfort followed by options for solutions.

Social Media has given power to every customer across the planet. The power to be heard, and the power to claim the rightful service that they deserve for the investment that they make.

Different types of social media

Social Media is a broad term that comprises of multiple platforms that aid in social networking. Although these platforms are somewhat similar, they all have a different USP. They all have a different purpose.


A place where a lot of discussion takes place. Mostly questions and answers about all kinds of queries – automobile, random thoughts, politics, tech, education – you name it, they have it.

Example: Quora


Blogs are also what brings business for a lot of people like Harsh Agrawal and Neil Patel. They are usually designed around a topic like travel, tech, food, etc. It covers a substantial amount of content related to the main topic.

Example: Shout Me Loud, Neil Patel Digital, Tripoto

Business Networks

Certain platforms are designed specifically for the professionals. To exchange work related information, latest inventions, innovations, suggestions, job opportunities, scope and professional expertise.

Example: LinkedIn, Google Plus

Photo Sharing

There is a lot a photo can tell. Some social media platforms were originally build around this single medium to converse with the rest of the world. Although lately, they have ventured into GIFs, Videos and more.

Example: Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr

Product & Service Review

The Superpower. People know the importance of a review, and before they make a decision about investing in a brand, the review is what they seek. There are multiple apps and websites that show reviews about products and services.

Example: Zomato, Team-BHP, Trip Advisor

Social Gaming

Gaming was never out of style. It has always evolved. And, now they have reached, social media.

Example: PUBG, Fortnite, 8Pool

Social Networks

Connecting with friends and family over social media is never out of style. Share pictures and videos of your latest trip, or your birthday, tell the world where you are by checking in. Not just with friends and family, share your writing talents on platforms like YourQuote and Haikujam.

Example: Facebook, Google Plus, Your Quote, Haikujam

Video Sharing

Videos are everywhere. Irrespective of what platform you use, most of them have the option for video sharing. But there is this one site which has been a videos exclusive social media platform from the very start called YouTube.  All you need to do is to build an engaging video content.

Example: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram


Social Media is not just meant for promoting a brand, but also to create brand awareness. Telling your prospects and everyone else that you exist. People don’t just buy a product or a service, they buy a brand’s belief. Using Social Media Messaging, you can build a real connection with your clients.

Example: Whatsapp, WeChat (China), Insta DM, Facebook Messenger

Social Media 2019

Social Bookmarking

You can organize, search, and manage the bookmarked web pages online with the help of Social Bookmarking. Other members, who are a part of the community can also see and search for them.

Users can save links to websites on social bookmarking sites to look them up later using tags or keywords.

Example:, Pinterest,

Benefits of Social Media


Social Media has helped reduce the distances between individuals all over the world by increasing connectivity. With the use of social media, to spread the word has become far easier and faster than ever.

Companies can promote the content that they create as advertisements to reach a wide number of people and create awareness about their brand (known as paid marketing). Sometimes, it does so happen that if the content created is so engaging, it spreads like a wildfire through shares and mentions (known as earned marketing).

Both ways connectivity proves to be a major benefit of social media by helping in spreading the word.    


A click of a button is all it takes to share the information with the rest of the world.

Press enter and everyone that follows you or is your friend can read your post the very same instant. Speed although has proven to be a benefit for faster communication, it has led two major drawbacks;

  • to handle a situation for a brand, before it gets out of control has become very difficult without the use of necessary tools.
  • the life span of a post is usually less than a day. People keep looking for something new every time.

Nowadays, the maximum life span of a post is a day. Although the maximum review that it receives is in the first 3 hours. After that, it barely grows.

Freedom of Expression

There are barely any rules (other than the obvious human decency) when it comes to creating content for social media. Everything you want to associate yourself or your brand with is what you have your content reflect.

Pictures, videos, GIFs, and text. Use whatever suits and compliments your vision best.

Access to Information

To access whatever information you want, all you need to do is to log in to the relevant platform. Social Media gives you a huge database of information, not all of it is authentic though, and not all of it reliable. But it is information. A mountain of it.

You need to use a lot of your intelligence and sensibility to sort through the available information.

With the increase in the use of social media and all the other platforms online, it has become a necessity to choose what you get influenced by responsibly.

Why use social media for brand marketing?


Majority of the individuals that have access to the internet are a part of the social media network. Every network gives the option of sharing your post on other networks as well. Like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.

The interconnectedness of social media networks helps in an increased reach. This is what every brand can leverage to increase their fan following.

Money Saving

Compared to conventional media, to advertise on social media is far more economical with better tracking abilities. There are multiple tools offering multiple metrics to help you analyze exactly how your brand is performing.

You can get this information in real-time and apply necessary changes to your campaign based on the latest reviews. Social Media has made keeping track of marketing campaigns easier, so you can achieve your goal in way less time and investment.

Freedom of Experimentation

It gives you the freedom of experimentation with the reduction in cost and complete control of your campaign.

You are free to run a campaign for a day, a week, a month, however long you wish. If it works, great, if it doesn’t, go ahead and experiment with a different strategy. With Social Media, you are free to experiment with as many strategies and ideas as it takes for you to achieve your goal.

Social Media Branding Strategy

Access to feedback (listening)

Keep an eye out for what the audience is saying about your campaign and your brand with the use of listening tools. Listen, interpret and find opportunities to build your brand reputation by being of necessary service to your audience.

By having access to feedback about your industry and your brand you can actually build yourself around an existing need, instead of imposing your current product, service or idea on your customers.

Your audience is already being fed a lot of unnecessary things from the market, they don’t need any more pressure from you.  

How to choose a type of social media for your brand?

There are many types of social media platforms out there designed to meet specific needs (as we discussed above). Depending on the purpose of the platform, the language of your content changes a little.

Do understand that an individual, is not just a part of a single social media platform, but multiple. If somebody is looking for casual entertainment content, they may look it up on Facebook. But if they are looking for visual information or inspiration, they may look up on Instagram and Pinterest. For video tutorials or travelogues, music videos, YouTube works best. And, job opportunities or professional connections, are best found on LinkedIn.

So build content in alignment with the platform’s language. If somebody is looking for you, it will be easier for them to actually find you that way.

To Conclude,

Social Media seems to have taken over conventional media to a very great extent. People using internet and social media is both rising. With the rising users, the uses are also being explored.

Irrespective of what a particular platform was meant for, every platform has evolved to meet the needs and wants of its customers.

For brands, it can aid in finding prospects and turn them into clients way faster and without having to give up on their fun sides.