Every social media marketer has this one dream, and the dream is to outlast the competition and to stand apart. Inclick Track assists in creating social media strategies that help you stand out.

Inclick Track is a social media intelligence tool that allows you to devise clever strategies and grow exponentially with leaps and bounds, set yourself apart from the competition and act as a benchmark of extraordinary social media strategies.

Inclick Track removes the hassle of monitoring campaigns manually by keeping close attention on every social media handle on which you are running the campaign; Inclick track your go-to tool that monitors it all. It also helps in understanding your competitor’s strategy by tracking them 4 times a day.

What’s awesome, is the fact, that with the help of Inclick Track, you can not only keep tabs on your handles but also on your competitors and rivals without the need of a login access (or admin rights).You can actually find out which campaigns were successful, calibrate engagements on the campaigns and even compare brands to measure the contrast.

A great feature that Inclick Track offers is its search feature. It helps you easily search for branded content from our pool of thousands of brands. This helps you understand what works in your industry and what doesn’t.

To start, click on “Search” option from the main menu. This will take you to the search page where you can write keywords to get posts. Searching specific keywords will reflect ongoing and past campaigns from all brands that we are tracking.



As a demonstration, here I have performed a search on the keyword “WIN” and the tool has displayed all the posts containing that specific keyword on Facebook.


To find campaigns on Instagram and Twitter, we just have to choose those networks from the drop-down list. Also as we can see it has segregated post types, the share of voice by industries. To filter more, you can easily select the industry you want to focus on and the period that you’re most interested in. On every post, there’s a button called “Pin to board”. Using this feature, you can easily “pin” the posts that you like to your own personal board. Think of it as a small private Pinterest within the dashboard.


The “More” button can be used to analyze and get insights about that specific post even if you aren’t tracking that brand. The more button can be used to clearly understand whether the post had a good engagement or not.


Our search feature is very useful when you want to find content for events like Mother’s day, Valentine’s day etc. How are you using our search feature? Write in comments and get featured in our Client’s Success Stories.


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