Motivational speaker, marketing consultant and author of several books Simon Sinek in his book “Start with Why?” Conceptualized the golden circle, the golden circle consisting what, how and why is the recurring pattern observed in the companies around the world. He specifically concentrates on the WHY Consumers don’t buy WHAT you do or HOW you do; they buy from you for WHY you do what you do and hence the companies having fuzzy WHY cannot survive for longer also they cannot command higher prices, because it is brand equity that puts us in this privileged position for premium pricing and Brand equity itself is embodiment of WHY, Why is the cause of your existence? Some companies exist to make money while some companies start a movement, that movement reflects the why of what you do, the cause that ignites them, the why seems so strong that consumers can’t help but believe in your WHY of what you do and that is the reason they would buy from you. Apple’s products despite being expensive still have a mass appeal because people can relate to the why of what they do, people like being associated with such movement. And since Apple’s WHY is clear, that’s why Apple is not just a computer company it has extended to many areas with conquering all the sectors that they have entered. How does Inclick Track define it’s WHAT, HOW and WHY?

In this post, we will discuss our product Inclick Track,


Inclick Track is a social media tool for influencers and social media marketers, it allows users to keep track on their handles and also to keep track on competitors social media activity, i.e frequency of the posts, engagement that it receives, type of post (text/photo/video)  plus the user can search keyword on the application and see content published by competitors containing the keyword which paves the way for keeping track on the trends. Like for instance, you are planning a contest on social media, so what you can do is search the keyword “contest” and thus it will reveal all the posts published by competitor containing that keyword.

Thus it is evident as to how much time you can save with the help of this tool.


The tool uses data analytics and artificial intelligence to arrive at the results that are laid out in the form of visually rich reports delivered to clients. Some Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms are also used to track conversations in non-English. Inclick insists that it tracks and crunches only publicly available data.


Coming to the why of what we do, which is a foundation of this product, why is the purpose of why it exists, what’s the cause behind it?

Inclick Track exists in order to assist influencers and social media marketers to keep track of their handles and also to keep track on the competitors activities, the market is highly competitive and in the social media marketing ecosystem users need to come up with unique and creative ideas to withstand the competition, with Inclick Track users can do just that, Inclick Track removes the hassle of conducting research and creating reports; with Inclick Track users can actually spend their time creating strategies that will deliver concrete results keeping in mind the competition.

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