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Memes – An Integral part of Social Media Marketing

Memes are funny, bold, relatable and entertaining. But that’s just one side of the coin. On the flip side though, they can be offensive, controversial and mean. We are here to help you explore this trending and unconventional form of communication.

In our last blog, we talked about being fun in order to connect. Memes are a good way of showing that you are not all uptight and serious looking bunch, rather, you can loosen up a little bit, and crack a joke every now and then.

Who doesn’t like to have fun every now and then right?

So, to start with, What is a meme?

A meme is a photograph, Video or a GIF accompanied with a boldly written caption to communicate the thought. The content of a meme is usually ironic, satirical or sarcastic.

As Google puts it,

Memes can be used as a serious marketing tool.

The best part about a meme is that it has the potential to spread like a wildfire without any deliberate effort. They spread through tags and shares, leaving your brand with an increased engagement and multiple mentions across different platforms.

We all know that humor cannot be imposed. It is very instinctive and situational. So, make sure you don’t try too hard to sound or seem funny. It will show.

A meme does not directly increase your sales, but it does help in forming an impression of your brand in people’s minds. Becoming known amongst masses, as any marketer will know, has long term benefits for a brand. Some of these benefits are:

  • Building a name amongst people
  • Building a social media following
  • Spreading information through word of mouth
  • Coming out as fun and experimental
  • Tapping into the millennial generation as your audience
  • Providing laughter as a marketing strategy
  • Building a fun and more social image of your brand

Not sure how many of you kept up with the buzz created by Swiggy over their “Sound of Hunger” Tweet on 25th Feb 2019. They intentionally got trolled to grab attention for their next tweet. The post was just the right amount of quirky, innovative and bold.

Let’s take a look at their tweet and it’s performance overview,

Source : Inclick Track
Source : Inclick Track

Notice how their engagement statistics shot up on the day of the tweet? That’s the power of humor. Do not underestimate it.

Having the right amount of quirkiness is necessary for innovation and to stand out from the crowd. It is a competitive world, the only people who get the center stage are the bold and innovative.

One important thing to remember about memes is that the majority of the audience that keeps up with these posts are the millennials. They are the ones that read it, comment on it and share it. So make sure that whatever you post, grabs their attention.

While trying to build a meme, make sure to keep these points in mind

It should be relevant

Whether you are trying to promote a product or showing support to a cause, make sure to be relevant.

Respect the society

Remember when we talked about memes being a dose of laughter? Stay on track and try not to question anyone’s beliefs. Controversies are never healthy for a brand’s image

Sleep on it before making it public

There can be times when you really like one of your memes and are unable to see it from a different perspective. This happens way more often than you might think. In which case, it is always a good idea to just take a break, look at it again with a fresh mind and then decide whether to post it or edit it.

Remember this post by Zomato?

There is a huge difference between innovative and offensive. It is better to stay on the innovative side of the spectrum. Try not to get in such a position where you have to apologize later. In case you do, do it in style.

Learn to use humor appropriately with your meme

Whatever you do, do not get personal. Stay funny, stay open and play it safe. Audiences can sometimes get very unforgiving on social media platforms.

Keep making an appearance

With the accessibility to unlimited internet, people keep looking for new content every day. Whatever you post today, will only have a lifespan of one day. If you want to make an impression on your audience. And, if you want your impression to last longer, keep making a regular appearance. Daily, weekly, whatever works best.

Good meme. Bad meme

Yes, there is such a thing as a good meme and a bad meme. Let’s take a look at some examples.

Stay Trending

Posting regularly is important, but what’s more important is that you post the latest and stay with the trends.  Wine is the only thing that ages, news on the other hand becomes stale.  Check out know your meme to find out the latest meme trends and stay up to date.

There are some websites like make a meme, imgflip, meme generator and meme dad, that can help you generate memes with custom content.

By the use of unconventional marketing methods like the use of memes, it is possible for a brand to tap into a very different segment of the market. By doing this, they can become an inspiration for the rest.

People look up to those who go off track and fill some humor in the otherwise mundane lives of the people.