Instagram Analytics for competitors

Getting Instagram Analytics for your Competitors

As compared to Facebook and Twitter, Instagram offers a low number of data points for analysis, audience understanding, and followers growth. For non-business accounts (Instagram Accounts without a Facebook Page), Instagram offers no analytics. Gradually, Instagram is gaining more popularity and it is quickly becoming the favorite Social Network among teens, bloggers, and artists. Brands and businesses are using this opportunity and advertising heavily, but they are still skeptical because of the lack of Instagram Analytics.

Inclick Track offers superb Instagram Analytics not just for your own account, but also for your competitors. Track makes it easy to keep a score of followers, posts, likes, comments, etc on the Social Network. Using Inclick Track for understanding Instagram Data is very easy. With Inclick Track you can access any brand’s Instagram data. Understanding Instagram Analytics helps you in tracking unfollowers and followers. It can also give you an idea about which post is performing better and getting the maximum number of followers for you and your competitors. Below is a step-by-step procedure on how to use Track to get the right Instagram Analytics.

Step 1:

Login to your Inclick Track Dashboard and the brands that you want to be tracked. We have hundreds of brands already available. You can add your other brands by submitting their username (yes, just the username).

Add brands on Inclick Dashboard for Instagram Analytics


Step 2:

Your selected brand can now be accessed from the welcome screen of your dashboard. On the Brand Tile, you will see the number of posts they have done during your selected period on all networks. You can simply click Instagram to view Analytics about that brand.

Brand can be seen on the welcome screen. Click on Instagram logo for Instagram Analytics

Step 3:

On clicking the Instagram logo, you will start seeing complete Instagram analytics about the brand. A sample report is attached below.

Instagram Analytics of Vivo Brand on Inclick Track
Instagram Analytics of Vivo Brand on Inclick Track

Step 4:

You’re not done yet, you can dig deeper very easily. You can click on the “View Posts” button to see a list of the posts done by the brand in the selected period.

List of Posts by Selected brand on Inclick Track
List of Posts by Selected brand on Inclick Track

Step 5:

You can easily get Instagram Analytics of the posts too. You just have to click the arrow button to the right of the post. Once you click the arrow button, you will start seeing analytics about the posts too.

Analytics of specific post in Inclick Track.
Analytics of specific post in Inclick Track.


Inclick Track is the easiest tool to find Instagram Analytics of any account and post. You can view all data points and pin the posts that you like on your personalized dashboard. Take a trial today and see how Inclick Track can transform your Social Media Strategy instantly.


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  • Very informative. Social media is really good when used right.
    I did find my success on Instagram 🙂 Growing on instagram is very
    hard, especially when I was just starting. That’s why services like really helped me get the boost I needed.

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