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How to Get Started with Inclick Track

So you’ve signed up for a trial, here’s how to get started with Inclick Track. It’s super-easy and takes not more than a few minutes.

Sign in to Inclick Track here.

Inclick Track Sign in Page

It will bring you to your welcome screen. The icons that you see in front of you are shortcuts to Dashboard (Research), Compare, Report and Brands (Manage). These shortcuts can also be accessed from the icons on the left side panel.

Inclick Track Dashboard | Social Media Analytics and Reporting


The first icon on the left panel will take you to your dashboard where you can access all the brands you have previously added. Click on the required icon to get detailed insights into a particular brand.’s social media performance.

For every brand you can,
a) get an overview of its combined Social Media Performance across 4 major Social Media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.
b) get Facebook insights.
c) get Twitter insights.
d) get Instagram insights.
e) get YouTube insights.
f) group brands in separate categories.

With Manage/Add Brands you can swap a previously added brand which is no longer required or add a brand to your dashboard.


You can easily search for content, campaigns and inspiration using this feature from across multiple social media platforms.

Just type the search term that you want to look up, select the Social Media Platform (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) that you want to explore and select the duration for which you would like to filter the content. You could also choose the industry category for more precise search results.

Inclick Track Search Feature


Search for a brand that you would like to track and click on Use brand. In case you did not find the brand that you are looking for, feel free to add new brand.

You can also swap (remove) a brand that is no longer needed. With Inclick Track you can swap 2 brands in our Grow package and 5 brands in our Pro package.

Inclick Track Manage Brands

Add New Brand:

If the brand you are looking for is not amongst the 1000+ brands already added on Inclick Track database, you can easily add a new brand in a few simple steps.

Inclick Track adding a brand


Take a look at the comparative data of the added brands in one single place. Select a time duration, on the top right corner, for which you would like to compare the data.

Inclick Track Compare Brands
Get Started with Inclick Track


To download a report of a brand, select the custom duration for which you would like to download the report. Click on Brand Report to start the download.

For detailed instructions, click here.

Inclick Track Brands Social Media Report


Pin posts for inspiration or research, from your search onto the board and access them in one place.

You can easily sort the posts that you have pinned on the board with the use of filters.

Inclick Track Board


Create alerts for a keyword or a brand for every time it is mentioned on social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).


In overview, Check the details of your account here – your current plan, Team size, Billing ID, start date, maximum number of allowed brands along with the number of brands consumed and maximum number of allowed swaps.

Inclick Track Settings Page

In authorizations, connect your Social Media Accounts with Inclick Track. This is a necessary step in order to add new brand to Inclick database.

Inclick Track User Settings

For any more clarification, request a demo.