How to find YouTube Channel ID

A Step by Step Guide to add Brand’s YouTube Analytics in Inclick Track

To track a brand’s YouTube Account Analytics, you need to add that brand to the Inclick Track app.

Here’s the guide to do that. First, you have to go to that brand’s YouTube channel. The URL should show, if the URL appears in this format, then you are good to go. Just copy the URL and paste it into the add brands section. I will guide you through it in succeeding points. However, if the URL shows, then, you need to change it into /channel.

Youtube user id

As you can see in the above image the URL shows /user/ which cannot be added to the Inclick Track. So, you need to convert /user/ to /channel/ to do that you will need to subscribe to the following channel. The moment you subscribe to it, the following channel will appear in your subscription in the extreme right. Now you will need to refresh the page. Then you will have to click on the channel on the subscription list.

Once you refresh and click on the following channel from subscription. The channel URL will appear in /channel/. Now you can add this URL on Inclick Track.

As you can see in the above image, you have to paste the URL in YouTube section to add the brand’s YouTube channel.

Finish the process and the brand will be added. Now you can track the brand’s YouTube channel data. You can also use a converter like

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