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How does Inclick Track Pricing Works?

Inclick Track is a Reporting and Analytical tool that provides insights about any brand from more than 60 data points. This is a guide on how the Inclick Track Pricing works.

How are total number of brands calculated?

A brand on Inclick Track is a complete package inclusive of its 4 major network profiles – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Unlike other tools where you are charged per network profile that you want to track.

For example, If you add x brand’s Facebook profile, Instagram profile, Twitter profile, and YouTube Profile to your dashboard, on other tools, it will be counted as 4 but on Inclick Track it is counted as 1.

Inclick Track Pricing is based on the number of Brands NOT per network profile.

But if you add Coca-Cola India and Coco-Cola US, then it is counted as 2 brands as both have separate social media presence.

The total number of brands = Number of brands that you own and wish to track + the number of competitor brands that you would like to track

In Pro Package, you can add 50 brands and use a maximum of 3 dashboards. But in case more dashboards are needed, you can always buy another dashboard by contacting the Inclick team.

What is the need for multiple dashboards?

A dashboard is where all the brands that you decide to track are saved, so you don’t have to search for them every single time.

A Digital Marketing Agency ideally has multiple teams working on different tasks. One team could be handling sports brands, the other team could be handling beverage brands, and so on.

Having multiple dashboards can aid in keeping these brands and their competitors separate and easy to access.

For example, Coca-Cola will not have the same competitors as Adidas. So having two dashboards to track two categories of brands is usually a good idea.

To check your current dashboards, log in to Inclick Track, go to settings and click on manage team.

Inclick Track Dashboard Pricing
Inclick Track Pricing

In the given case, the four names and email-IDs are the four dashboards.

To add another dashboard to your account, contact the Inclick team.

What is Brand Swap?

In case you added a brand by mistake or you no longer need a brand previously added, you can swap it.

According to the plan that you have chosen – Grow or Pro, you are allowed to swap 10% of the maximum number of brands allowed on your dashboard every 30 days.

  • In Grow plan, you are allowed to add 20 brands and swap 2 brands every 30 days.
  • In Pro plan, you are allowed to add 50 brands and swap a maximum of 5 brands every 30 days.
  • In case you decide to add 10 more brands to your Grow plan, then according to the 10% rule, you can swap 3 brands every 30 days.

How to track more than 50 Brands?

For every brand that you wish to track after 50 brands, you need to pay an additional sum of money as mentioned on the pricing page on the Inclick Track website.

How much data can you access?

You can access unlimited data from the day the brand is added on Inclick Track Database.

Inclick Track already has a Database of 1000+ brands that you can access. In case you have added a brand on Inclick Track today, you can access all its social media insights starting today.

How many reports can you download?


In either of the plans, you can download as many reports as you need in whichever format (ppt or excel) suits you best.

To understand what Inclick Track is worth to your business, Sign up and take a free trial today.