Ace your Facebook game with algorithm ranking factor

Every influencer or a social media marketer has a primary motive, which is to maximize their outreach. Without taking algorithm factors into account social media strategy deviates from its goal.

Taking algorithm factors into account will allow you to reach out the maximum audience.

Always keep in mind that Facebook isn’t just a website, it is more than that; it runs on the algorithm, the algorithm determines the exposure of your content on people’s news feed.

If algorithm factors are entirely ignored then maybe you will reach out to only the people who are following you, that means you are missing out on a large proportion of the audience who might convert.

Here we have enlisted some factors that shouldn’t be ignored if you want to maximize your outreach

Average time spent on the content:

This is a crucial factor which will determine your visibility in people’s newsfeed. Facebook wants its users to have a fulfilling experience so that they leave satisfied. Now for users to spend more time on your content it’s imperative for your content to be insanely mindblowing. Human attention span as we know it is decreasing, hence we should be able to capture the user’s attention immediately and compel them to take action.

err… I have this product, maybe you can purchase it and make me money, don’t be that guy. Be the guy that inspires you to take action assuredly.



Commenting is a great indicator of conversations, also it leads to more impressions, but please refrain from engagement bait commenting or else it will result in the demotion of your posts in the newsfeed.

Going live is the great way to engage with the audience where discussions take place and establish a bond with your users.

As Adam Mosseri, Head of Newsfeed wrote in a January press release:


“Page posts that generate conversation between people will show higher in News Feed. For example, live videos often lead to discussion among viewers on Facebook–in fact, live videos on average get six times as many interactions as regular videos”



Sharing obviously is a very important factor when it comes to maximizing outreach. If you have curated great content then obviously people will spend more time on your content before scrolling down, who knows maybe they will share your content. Assuming every user who shares your content has approximately 400 friends, keeping in mind that number just imagine the proportion of exposure that your content will get. Isn’t that how content gets viral? This is a factor which will proliferate your content in people’s newsfeed instantly. For your content to be shared it has to be of some value to your target audience to do that there should be less me talk and more about what user’s can derive.


Facebook has moved past the like reaction, now it has love, laughter, angry & sad reactions as well. Having these many reactions on a post signals the algorithm as an active engagement post and hence it will reach more newsfeed.


To reach out to maximum people which you can, do adopt these algorithm ranking factors and ace the Facebook game.

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