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Everything you need to know about Influencer Marketing

influencer marketing

With Influencer Marketing you can tap into new communities and reach a new audience and tell them about your brand/company.

Unlike digital advertising, Influencer Marketing is much more targeted and much more successful in driving past reach and getting to continuous engagement and conversations that might actually lead to conversions.

People tend to access information about the required product/service way before they make a purchase decision based on the reviews and experiences that they discover online. Brands can make sure to build a positive image amongst users by actively participating in the online dialogue via Influencer Marketing.

Why choose Influencer Marketing for Social Media?

Influencers make it easier for marketers to reach a targeted audience, their followers.

Every company wants to use its available resources efficiently to achieve their pre-determined goals. And Influencer marketing is the way to go. Collaborating with Influencers can make sure that all the time and money invested by the marketing team to generate leads is well utilized.

Marketing is no more a one-way conversation. Consumers own the market space and if a brand wants to be a part of their conversations, they need to play by their rules. Social Media is where most of the conversations are taking place today and Influencers are leading it.  

How does Influencer Marketing work?

Influencers are people who have a detailed understanding of a subject that they choose to share with the rest of the world via their profiles on social media, blogs, podcasts, and other means. Since only the people interested in their topics of discussion follow them, the audience gets filtered all on its own. All that marketers are left to do is to reach out to relevant Influencers so that the brand’s message gets communicated to the selected few who will most positively be interested in what they have to offer.

According to Hubspot, “89% of businesses say their ROI from Influencer Marketing is comparable to or better than other marketing channels”.

How to make the most of Influencer Marketing?

Every marketing strategy is build keeping in mind certain goals which usually include,

  • Brand awareness
  • Product awareness
  • Sales Oriented/ Conversion
  • Lead Generation

With Influencer Marketing you can achieve these goals with a much lower investment (compared to that of conventional media) that can potentially turn into a much higher conversion. This happens because of the fact that you don’t directly reach the consumers yourself, rather, you let the influencer, the person they trust do the talking.

Since the information is coming from a person that they trust, they are more likely to listen to your brand’s message and give your product a chance. Which eventually helps the brand generate more leads.

Considering the fact that it is the influencer’s content that creates trust amongst the followers, brands should try not to intervene in the way they tell their stories. Content has the power to drive business growth via authentic conversations. These conversations can help you drive traffic and inquiries about your brand that you alone never could.

Who are considered as Influencers?

Influencers are people that have the power to influence an individual’s purchase decision or opinion about a product, brand or topic.

They usually have about 1000 followers or more and they tend to stick to a minimum of one to a maximum of 3 topics of discussion. Like photography, cinematography and coffee are the major topics of discussion for Peter McKinnon.  

You can categorize Influencers according to;

  • the number of followers that they have
  • their field of expertise – fashion, travel, cosplay, photography, music, DIY, etc.
  • platforms that they are active on – Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  • the type of content that they create – videos, photos, podcasts, their theme, etc.

How to find relevant Influencers?


On platforms like Instagram and Twitter, you can use hashtags to filter out posts relevant to a topic. The profiles that have recurring posts on a particular topic are the ones that you might want to shortlist.

You can further filter out profiles based on the number of followers that they have and the type of content that they create.


The easiest of all. For example, you can look for – Instagram influencers India fashion blog – to find relevant results. Just write the keywords and scroll through the results.

The only problem with Google search is that the results might be limited. The lists in the blogs might not be as frequently updated as that of the AI-based Influencer Discovery Tools.  


There are many agencies that help brands to connect with influencers. The best part about connecting with an agency is that you never have to doubt about the authenticity of that influencer and its followers.

Agencies (most of them) already do use Influencer Discovery Tools so in case you are new and don’t have time to sign up and look through an Influencer Discovery Tool you can always outsource that part of your work.  

Influencer Discovery Tools

Tools like Inclick can make it easier for brands and agencies to find Influencers on a particular platform that match their criteria. You can use filters to sort through the database which is regularly updated and thus reliable. With the help of AI-based Influencer Discovery Tools can also sort through the information and separate spam profiles from the rest.

Influencer Discovery Tools can make the process of identifying potential influencers much easier for the brands and save them a lot of time and money. The best part is that since AI maintains the database you will always know if there is a new influencer in town.

How to determine the authenticity of a Social Media Influencer?

Followers to like ratio

There can be a drastic and unusual difference between the number of followers an Influencer has on his/her profile and the number of likes that they get on each post. Since there is no mathematical law to prove the authenticity of a profile, you might want to go with your gut on this one.

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

If you are not the one for manual labor, you might want to make the most of the available AI Tools to do the sorting of the profiles. Influencer Discovery Tools scan social media platforms and spot the influencer profiles while categorizing them to make it easier for marketing professionals to spot what’s most relevant to them.

Hence, helping marketing sort through the clutter.

To Conclude,

Considering the fact that authentic content is what drives trust, brands should give influencers the space to be themselves and deliver the collaborative content their way.

Working with Influencers not only helps you increase brand awareness amongst new circles but can also result in an increase in earned media.