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The game is back on!

The longest most engaging festival of all time – Indian Premier League. IPL is not just a cricket match played between 8 teams, it is also a celebration time for all the sponsor brands and an opportunity to find some limelight.

Overview of Social Media performance of IPL. Source: Inclick Track

As the game progresses, so does a brands’ marketing strategies. There are many brands that know exactly how big a gold mine IPL is and missing this opportunity, is not an option for them. Let’s talk about Vivo, the title partner of IPL 2019. Remember this add?
Source: Vivo

Vivo v15 Pro was released on 15 March 2019 in India and IPL started on 23 March 2019. Vivo being the official title partner for IPL 2019 will always be called out every single time IPL is talked about, “VIVO IPL” (almost like Romeo-Juliet).

It’s a 5-year deal worth billions of dollars that VIVO made with IPL starting 2018. Just to highlight, no brand makes an investment (irrespective of the greatness of the number) without a guarantee of returns.

Let’s take a look at some facts:

  • VIVO is a producer of Smartphones.
  • Smartphones are mostly used by Millennial generation and a huge part of the youth. (mostly not only)
  • IPL is watched and appreciated by multiple millions of its prospects.
  • Brand awareness can be easily created amongst these prospects by repeated exposure. A part of the repeated exposure could be during the match.

It’s not just VIVO playing the Popular Brands League via IPL there are many more participating – FBB, Hotstar, Paytm, Ceat, Star Sports, Jio, Asian Paints, Swiggy, Dream11(to name a few) – and we will be talking about their social media performance throughout the IPL festival.

Some of the Sponsor Brands of IPL 2019

A psychology lesson reminder about human thinking process – the more we hear, the more we remember. The extent of our familiarity with a name defines our level of faith in it, which eventually makes us biased towards it.

So when a brand decides to partner with an event or show. they know exactly what they are in for. It wasn’t a shot in the dark, rather a very well planned and experience backed marketing strategy. Repeated Exposure.

Just think about it, how many brands, that you previously didn’t care about, suddenly started influencing your decisions and discussions just because you were repeatedly exposed to them. It can be hard for a person to accept that they were influenced and it wasn’t a 100% their decision.

Vivo for four more years, including 2019, is the name that we will be listening to during The Great Festival of IPL.

Vivo’s Social Media Performance During IPL 2019

Let’s take a look at Vivo’s social media performance in the following images from 21 March 2019 to 26 March 2019.

Overview of Vivo’s SOcial Media Performance with focus on Facebook Followers. Source: Inclick Track
A Diagonal Increase in Vivo’s Twitter Followers. Source: Inclick Track
Thousands of followers increased on Vivo’s Instagram Account. Source: Inclick Track
A slight Glitch on YouTube with a decline of 118 subscribers. Source: Inclick Track

This is just the overview of their last weeks Social Media Performance. You can access the detailed Social Media Performance Insights from Inclick Track.

As far Vivo’s YouTube Subscribers go, well it’s not that bad. They only lost 118 from a total of almost 2 million subscribers, and at the same time, they are gaining thousands of video views per day.

Video Views on Vivo’s YouTube Account. Source: Inclick Track

Analysing Social Media Performance can be tricky, not just for the audience but also for the brand itself. Which is why there are multiple tools available out there to help make the analysis journey easier.

Do you think a partnership with events and shows is a good marketing strategy? Let us know in the comments below.

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