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8 Inclick Features you MUST know about

Inclick is a superb tool for digital marketing professionals. We’ve built it for agencies, brands, startups and everyone. Let’s take a look at its top 8 features built based on the needs of Digital Marketing Professionals for Social Media Reporting and Analytics.

1. Your brands, clients, competitors – everyone in one place

With Inclick, you can get analytics for any brand (yes, ANY brand). You don’t need to be its admin to get insights. Inclick Track’s proprietary AI technology creates over 60 data points across networks using public data.

In fact, we have an active database of hundreds of brands from various industries which you can use to create reports for your competitors, new pitches, clients, basically everyone.

For your owned brands, you can get advanced insights (not provided by the default analytics) that would otherwise take a very long time to calculate. Think of all the time you’re gonna save up! 🤩

Inclick | Track any Brand
Track any Brand using Inclick

2. Download Social Media Report of any Brand in PPT or XLS – Instantly

Date Night? Bae Waiting? But you have to send that report to your manager “ASAP”? Well, let Inclick do the hard work for you. Inclick Track has been created to reduce your workload by hours! We automate the most tedious and boring task (Ssshh, we know your secret – you don’t like creating that PPT report manually 😉).

With Inclick Track, you can download data for your brands in PPT or XLS in just a few clicks. 3 clicks, to be precise!

Social Media Report - PPT and XLS
Download Social Media Report in PPT Format
Social Media Reporting
Download Social Media Report in XLS Format

3. Data. Lots of it.

At Inclick, we love data. We love it the most (just after pizza 😛)! Inclick Track gives you 80+ Data Points across 4 Social Networks for your brands and competitors instantly. Updated numbers of Followers, Reach, Views, Posts, Content Analysis, Wordcloud and everything else you might need are available on your dashboard at all times.


4. Compare, Evaluate, and stand out!

Inclick helps you crack others’ strategy and create your own.

Take a dive into all your competitor’s social media strategies and their performance numbers. See what works best in your industry and what doesn’t. With our grouping feature, you can club several brands into several groups.

Create a comprehensive understanding of the target customers of your clients and their expectations before creating the next viral campaign.

Competitive Analysis
Overview of Competitive Analysis – Inclick Track

5. Like it? Pin it!

We work with so many digital marketers every day and we understand the workload! Inclick Track’s board helps content creators in keeping their important content handy. Whether its a post that your competitor has posted, a fancy idea that can get you your much deserved promotion, or a piece of content that you just want to keep an eye on!

Pin everything and maintain your own idea piggybank! This is your personal content diary within the dashboard.

Social Media Campaign Inspiration board
Inclick Board | Save posts from various platforms in one place

6. Add a brand yourself

Client: Hi! Can you please share this data by 3?

You (Thinking to yourself): Wait, it’s 2:30 already!

Ever got that email and had the same thought? We feel ya! That’s why Inclick gives you everything you need and fast! With Inclick, you don’t have to wait for hours (or days) to fetch data. You can add a brand right away and get the data you need instantly!

Adding a brand is so easy on Inclick – just add the usernames and it’s done. Literally!

Add a New Brand | Automated Social Media Reporting
Track a brand on Inclick

7. Overview and In-Depth Reporting

As a marketing professional, it gets difficult to stay on top of so much data across networks at once. Inclick Track helps you be a superhero and gives you an overview of a brand’s activity across networks on a single page. Just select your date and you’re ready!

If you want to dig deeper, you can select the network and get in-depth data instantly.

Social Media Report
Brand’s overview page.

8. Work with your team

Inclick Track can be an agency’s best friend! We have built Inclick Track keeping teams in mind.

You can easily manage your teams and how they use Inclick according to your own use-case. For eg., some agencies might want to have different dashboards for different account managers, some agencies might want to have different dashboards for different roles (For eg., Client Servicing, Business Development, Content Creators, etc).

You can also manage the number of brands that can be added to and swapped from a dashboard for optimized usage.

Inclick helps save 85% of your time by creating Automated Social Media Reports with pre-calculated metrics so you can focus on building future campaigns and strategies with your clients. Sign up for a free trial today!

Tell us about your favorite Social Media Reporting Feature in the comments below or on Instagram (username– @inclicktrack).

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