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There is no better feeling than when you start acting on your dream of working independently.  Finally free of all the fears, anxiety and lethargy. Taking action means half the battle is already won.
You might feel like your idea is enough to spread the word like wildfire and attract enough attention on its own, but it’s not. You need to take help of the media at some level to achieve your goals. There are more than 1 Billion monthly active users of Instagram alone. There is a great chance that your future clients are already a part of it. The only thing left to do is to make the presence of your brand known. The belief of the brand (product, service or idea) needs to be communicated and communicated very well to help it stand out amongst the majorities.

1) Communicate LOUD AND CLEAR

Social Media platforms like Instagram can be your startup’s friend. It can help you in communicating the idea to the masses with just one click.

What is your brand about? What is your belief? Where is it located? What is it that the brand is offering? Is it an idea, a product or a service? If it’s a service, then what kind of service and how to access it. People can access all this information directly from your profile if you would just communicate it well through your posts.

When somebody says NIKE we can easily associate it with what it is – A Sports Brand, loud and clear. That is because it communicates really well what it stands for. Without any confusion.

Nike’s Instagram Profile

2) EXPLORE because sky is the limit

When you are just starting out, it is possible that you might just want to experiment with your content. And, it is understandable.

The color schemes that you might want to use, textures, layouts, captions, #hashtags, copy, picture styles, video styles or the frequency of your posts and more.

Experimentation is a friend. Do that as much as you like and as far as your imagination can take you. Take inspiration and research for what works best for you. Inclick Track‘s search feature can help you discover new content and get more ideas.

Remember: The people who start following you is because they like what you are doing. Give them a reason to stay by giving them new content to look forward to every day.

3) Build brand identity and STICK TO IT

Once all the experimenting is done and you know what works best for your brand and your audience – STICK TO IT.

Every post (video, photograph, GIF or else) should be focused at one aim and one aim only – TO BUILD YOUR BRAND’S IDENTITY. Identities don’t change. People relate to you by your identity. They identify you with the identity that you have built around the brand’s personality. If you are a photographer, what kind of photographer are you? If you are a blogger, what do you blog about? What is it that you specialize in? What is it that brings a person back to your profile?

Try to build a common brand tone across all your channels so it is easy to spot you amongst many.

4) Don’t play hard to find and use TAGS

The biggest benefit of being present on a platform like Instagram is ACCESSIBILITY. Anyone from any part of the planet, at any given point of time (with a working internet), can find you.

How do they find you? The majority doesn’t know that you or your brand exists, so make your presence known. #Hashtags and Geotags are one of the easiest ways to be found.

People know places, they want to see places and they keep looking out for new places. So geotag! Tag every post. Tell people where you are.

Research for a set of relevant Hashtags to use and stick to them. After a while find new Hashtags to reach other people. Hashtags help people find messages on a specific topic or theme. In this case, help people to find your brand because they are already looking for something like it. Keep an eye out for other people/influencers from your industry and stay updated with what’s trending. You can use various tools to know what’s working for your Audience. Inclick Track provides content analysis for your Instagram channels and your competitors.



Building a strong and dedicated following can most times be a little slow and gradual process. So be patient about it and do not even think of giving up if you’re not getting thousands of likes in the first week or month or year.

Be persistent. Keep showing up on their feed. Make a presence on as many related pages and platforms as possible. Post regularly and make it personal. People don’t just want to see a piece of clothing, they don’t just want to see a perfectly edited picture of a shoe, they want a story.

Put a face to the brand. The people that make the brand or work with it, all are equally important. No one product without its maker is complete on its own. Show them a complete picture.


Asking people for their opinions, and to get involved, suggests that they are important to a brand. Who doesn’t like to be a part of something?

Ask them for their suggestions, ask them for their feedback or make user-generated posts a part of your timeline. Keep them INVOLVED. The aim is to make people talk about the brand and its idea as much as possible and on a regular basis.

Remember, people will stay loyal to you if they feel important and welcomed, even if your content is not the best in the market. Well, if you haven’t already realized, you are building a relationship with your followers.

Build a brand on Instagram


Everybody is a wannabe until they become the next Gary Vaynerchuk, and that is when their methods become strategies for the rest. They become an inspiration.

Do not worry about standing out. Do not underestimate yourself. Be bold and be confident.

Create a post that communicates your brand well with picture/ video/ #tags/caption and promote it. Instagram helps you to reach a wider audience that might otherwise be hard to find.

There are many tools, paid and unpaid, outside of Instagram that can also help you to understand your performance and audience regularly. The data that you can consider using to build your future strategies.

So what are you waiting for? Bring your brand online and become a part of the social media community. Pick a platform and get going. Find like-minded people, build your following and start living your dream.