Social Media Analytics Tools – Top 10 to use in 2020

Whether you are a brand or an agency handling multiple brands, the right social media analytics tool will help you gain impressive and improved results from your campaigns. With an array of analytics platforms in the market, you are sure to be overwhelmed and confused while choosing the right one for you. Below, we have listed the top 10 social media analytics tools in 2020 with their features, price range, & trial period to help you make an informed choice.

Social media marketing is incomplete without functional and actionable analytics that will help you set benchmarks and measure your performance. On average, an internet user uses 8.5 different accounts on different social media channels, and developing a presence on all of these channels makes analytics even more complicated. Using internal social media analytics tools and combining their data to make some sense of it is quite perplexing.

Social Media Analytics tool Inclick
Social Media Analytics, Reporting, Monitoring, and Influencer Discovery – Inclick

1. Inclick

Inclick is our cutting-edge social media intelligence platform. It comprises of analytics and reporting tools where you can select from over 1000 pre-added brands in the database or add your own. You can use the Inclick Platform for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & YouTube to maximize your reach, engagement, and ROI.

Competitive Social Media Intelligence – Inclick


  • Social Media Analytics & Reporting- You can analyze your brand and its competitors on 80+ KPIs such as engagement, leads, reach, conversion, etc. Inclick works across 4 major Social Media Networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Reports are created as PowerPoint presentations making it easier to further present the data and translate it into strategy formulation.
  • Social Media Monitoring- Inclick Platform makes it easier to know what people are saying about you on social media. It tracks relevant hashtags and keywords to determine the nature of engagement and the success of your campaign. It helps you track your current campaigns easily.
  • Competitive Intelligence: Inclick offers Industry-Best competitive Intelligence to help you benchmark your efforts with your competitors. You can find brands from Inclick’s pool of thousands of brands or add your own instantly.
  • Influencer Discovery- The right influencer is just around the corner with Inclick’s Influencer Discovery feature. Search through our database of thousands of influencers using the required keywords and categories to find the right match.
  • Share of Voice: With Inclick’s most advanced research feature, Share of Voice, you can compare your own brand with your competitors and Industry Leaders by grouping them together and see how your channels are performing in comparison to others.
  • Pricing- Inclick has an all-feature-7-day trial period with plans starting from $59/month. It comes with dynamic pricing. That means you can create your monthly plan as per your usage. You can select the number of brands, mentions, and influencers you want to track. Plans range from $75 – $750 depending on your usage.

The best part think about Inclick is that it gets your all Social Media data-points that you and your team needs on one single screen. Social Media Analytics + Monitoring + Influencer Discovery & Analytics makes it the most complete Social Media Analytics tool in the market.

2. Brand24

Brand24 is another popular social media analytics tool that helps you listen to conversations about your brand and analyze their volume, nature, etc. It is a concise tool with the most useful features that work well.

Social Media Monitoring Platform – Brand24


  • Real-time Tracking- This tool helps you track all the conversations on various social media channels in real-time using targeted keywords like your brand name, its USPs, targeted hashtags, etc.
  • Volume Analyzing- This helps you analyze the volume of conversations related to your brand and reports any sudden change in it. You can also see how many influential accounts are talking about you.
  • Reporting In Various Formats- Brand24 can draw up reports in three different formats- .xls, PDF, and Infographics which can be further used for various purposes like presentations, case studies, strategy formulation, etc.
  • Pricing- There is a free trial of 14 days with all the features and paid plans start with $49/month with a limitation of 5 keywords.

3. Awario

Like the tools above, Awario helps you listen to the conversations happening around your brand. Its continuous monitoring and web mention support are the most impressive features making it one of the most used analytics tools out there.

Social Media Monitoring Platform – Awario


  • Sentiment Analysis- It divides the conversations into three sentiment categories- positive, neutral, and negative. These categories set an overall impression of a campaign and its likeliness to succeed.
  • Boolean Search- This is a complicated-sounding-simple search feature that clears out the clutter through various filters to show only the conversations you want to see.
  • Various Languages Support- Awario has the ability to track and monitor conversations in many languages from around the world. This feature will come in handy if your market consists of countries speaking different languages.
  • Leads – One Interesting feature that Awario offers is that it helps you find new leads and opportunities from Mentions data.
  • Pricing- There is a limited trial for up to 3 alerts and 30,000 mentions which needs to be converted into one of the paid plans starting at $29 a month.

4. Fanpage Karma

Fanpage Karma is a tool that will not only handle your social media analytics and reporting, but it will also help you plan, write, and publish posts for maximum impact. You can also define user access rights for each team member to protect your client’s data.


  • Reporting & Email- Export reports in .xls, .csv, and .ppt formats and set up automatic emails to send these reports to the respective team members. You can also export a part of a presentation if you don’t need the whole report.
  • Custom Graphics- You can change the color, logo, size, and wallpapers to make your graphics more appealing and engaging.
  • Content Analysis- Fanpage Karma analyzes thousands of profiles to give you a thorough content and time-of-the-day analysis to help you post better captions.
  • Pricing- The free plan is very limited and the basic plan starts with 49€ per month.

5. Upfluence

Upfluence is an influencer-centric social media analytics tool that helps you record a campaign’s success, compare it to your competitors, and calculate ROI. Take advantage of their 3 million+ influencer database and elevate your influencer marketing game. It supports Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Twitch, and even Tiktok.

Influencer Management & Analytics Platform – UpFluence


  • Campaign Management- View all the current campaigns on one screen with their duration, budget, and performance to determine further strategy. You can also manage all your influencers and collaborations in a similar manner.
  • Influencer Analysis- You can compare influencers based on various criteria like engagement rate, average likes, posting habits, etc. All the profiles are rated by Upfluence, so you always have a benchmark for analyzing the profiles.
  • Performance Dashboard- This is the page where you can track mentions, influencer performance, media value earned, etc., to calculate ROI and create further strategies.
  • Pricing- Plans start at about $500 per month for small businesses, and every plan is custom made according to the features most useful to you.

6. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is one of the most used social media tools in the world and there are hardly any digital marketers who haven’t heard of it. If you are looking for a content-focused social media software that analyzes and suggests what content to post, BuzzSumo is for you.

Social Media Content Discovery & Analytics – BuzzSumo


  • Content Discovery- Content is king and BuzzSumo is the king’s hand because it analyzes the latest trends, topics, and conversations on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, & Reddit to suggest content to post.
  • Content Research- It also helps you save time by doing the research required before writing any blog or article. The insights that you will spend hours searching will be in front of you in a matter of minutes.
  • Influencer Search- Buzzsumo helps you find the right influencer for your campaign so that your message reaches an engaged audience that trusts the person posting it.
  • Pricing- The base plan starts at $99 a month but it can be availed at $79 a month if you pay for the whole year.

7. FollowerWonk

FollowerWonk is another Social Media Analytics tool with a focus on Twitter. It can help you widen your knowledge about your followers and help you connect better with them. Compare your analysis with others and see where you stand among your competitors.

Twitter Analytics & Discovery by FollowerWonk


  • Compare Followers- FollowerWonk’s one of the most unique features is that you can compare your followers, find overlapping interests, and discover new audiences to target with similar profiles.
  • Analyze Followers- You can divide your followers into various categories using metrics like follower count and social authority to help find the most useful ones.
  • Follow Unfollow Activity- This feature helps you track the number of people following and unfollowing you with the help of an interactive chart to help you determine the kind of followers that stay.
  • Pricing- There is a free option with 1 profile and limited features and the base plan starts at $29 a month.

8. Meltwater

Meltwater is a popular brand among marketers that provides solutions in PR, communications, social media, and many more areas. Its social media suite is a combination of tools that help you automate your social media marketing efforts and track each and every mention across various channels using AI.

Social Media Listening Platform – Meltwater


  • Beyond Social Media- Meltwater helps you track conversations on various forums, online publications, and many more web pages to help you track conversations about your brand everywhere. Their historic data can be used amazingly for research purposes.
  • Competitor Analysis- It sifts through your competitor’s actions to predict what their next move is going to be giving you an edge over them.
  • Mobile App- Meltwater is one of the few tools with an interactive mobile app that lets you keep an eye on your social media analytics wherever you are.
  • Pricing- Meltwater has an on-request pricing model and you can also ask for a free demo of the suite you prefer. Generally, Meltwater is more expensive than other tools in the same category but they have the highest pool of historic data.

9. Socialbakers

Socialbakers are masters at social media because their tools do everything from analyzing your audience to suggesting the content they would like and analyzing engagement. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are supported in all their tools that use AI to provide actionable insights in various areas. They have many different solutions including Social Media Analytics Tools, Management Tools, Publishing Tools, and More.

Unified Social Media Marketing – SocialBakers


  • Persona Mapping- With a heavy AI use, Socialbakers provides you data about your audience by creating personas and drawing engagement affinity scores. This helps in determining the kind of audience that you’ve gathered, how to keep them engaged, and who to target further.
  • Post Scheduling- Socialbakers is a complete social media solution because it also provides post scheduling and publishing options for every channel on one screen. It also suggests posting times and types of content to post on those times by analyzing trends and your audience’s behaviour.
  • Paid Marketing Platform- Track your budget and strategize better with one screen that monitors all your paid campaigns across different channels.
  • Pricing- The base plan with 10 profiles starts and all the essential tools start at around $180/month. You can also discuss your needs with them for a tailor-made product.

10. Iconosquare

This advanced social media analytics tool that also offers you the ability to publish and manage content provides you with actionable and intelligible data about metrics that matter the most to you. With Facebook and Instagram integrations, you can manage various profiles on one screen, schedule posts, respond to mentions, and much more with Iconosquare.

Instagram & Facebook Analytics by Iconosquare


  • Engagement Tracking- You can listen to all the buzz about your brand in real-time, reply to every mention, and export the conversations with Iconosquare.
  • Calendar Scheduling- The scheduling screen displays a calendar with all the scheduled posts to give you a brief of the future posts. It also helps you decide exactly when to post for maximum engagement from your audience.
  • Intelligent Analytics KPIs- The social media analytics by Iconosquare provides smart metrics like follower evolution, impressions history, engagement average, etc., to help you go in the right direction.
  • Pricing- The basic plan will cost you $29/month but it is wiser to contact them for agency plans to unlock all the features including branded reports and customer success program.

That’s All Folks

Here are the top 10 social media analytics tools in 2020. Our idea is not to rank them but to provide you an analysis on the kind of tools available.

All tools mentioned above are extremely good at what they do. It is upto you on what are your exact requirements and how you should be using them. The best way to go about it is to list down your needs, find the tool that best fits them, utilize the free trial, and see how it goes for you. You can also do this for multiple tools to find out which one is best at what they do. If you are still confused, we would love to help you set up social media analytics and reporting for your brand to maximize the impact of your marketing efforts.

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