Must use Social Media Reporting Tools | 2019

To pick out the social media reporting tools that best fits your brand’s needs can be difficult. With so much information out there, mostly overlapping and unclear, it’s difficult to understand what a tool is offering and why should you use it?

But not to worry, as always when it comes to social media reporting or anything related to it, we are here to help.

Let’s try to understand Social Media Reporting tools, holistically, to get more clarification towards its purpose and benefits. We will also provide you with examples of each type of tool to help you understand more clearly.

Keep in mind: What we are discussing here is only a part of what the tool offers. Other tools of the same category, even though might offer the same basic function, their approach can be very different than the others.  They may also offer many other additional features to help their user get the most out of their tool. The only way to understand this is by taking a demo of the tool.

What is the need for Social Tools?

Social Media Reporting Tools can do everything you can do manually but faster and with more accuracy. Hence making the otherwise monotonous and time-consuming job of compiling data and making a report regarding social performance easier and comfortable.

Social Media Reporting Tools Benefit


Keeping a record of social media performance of any brand is called tracking.

It can help you to analyze the performance of a post or a page on any social media network (that the tool tracks) using multiple performance metrics. You can read about some of these metrics here to understand the potential of a social media tracking tool.

With a tracking tool, you can easily identify patterns in your performance and identify your growth markers.

The true potential of any tool can only be uncovered by starting to actually use it. Most of the tools mentioned here provide you with a free trial. So don’t hesitate, go ahead and sign up for a free trial and contact the team for any guidance that you might need.

Example- Inclick


Like the name suggests, listening tools help you to listen to all the conversations happening around any keyword. It could be a brand, a trend, a product, or a service. Whatever you need.

Social Media Listening

Listening tools can help you to keep an eye on what conversations are happening on not just social media platforms but also across other blogs and websites.

Every time a brand is mentioned anywhere across the web for good or bad, a listening tool can help you to spot it so you can handle the situation as needed.

Example- Brand24, Brandmentions, Brandwatch, SproutSocial


Helping you rank better on Google search results is the main objective of every SEO tool as a part of the social media reporting tools category.

To help you achieve the same, some of them might provide you with keyword research, others might help you with figuring out where you are getting backlinks from. By using an SEO tool you can see which of your webpages are performing better than the others and how far up are they ranking in search results.

An SEO based tool can tell you which of your content is generating the search volume each month and increasing your click-through rates. You can use this information to build more content around those keywords or better your current content. Ultimately helping you to improve your ranking on search results.

Example- HubSpot’s Website Grader, Moz, Ahrefs


A reporting tool can give you all the required data in a presentable format on your dashboard. The only difference can be some of these reports will be in editable format, others might let you download these reports to your PC or mobile for future use. The possibilities are again, endless.

Social Media Reporting tools

The data is analyzed and presented in such a way that you don’t need to hire a data analyst or scientist to make sense of it. You can easily go through the reports and understand what is working and what is not, so you can use all your team’s time and effort productively.

With the help of these reports you can point out patterns in your performance, see your regularity of posts and classify what kind of content is performing best amongst your audience.

Example- Inclick, Brand24, Awario

Post Scheduling

For a brand that has its foundations laid out on social media, post scheduling can be your pal. And, for a digital marketing agency that handles multiple accounts at once, the tools that offer post scheduling can come in handy.

Post Scheduling | Social Media Reporting

With post scheduling, you can schedule in advance which post gets posted when, with what captions and hashtags, thus saving you a lot of time and giving you the ability to publish on multiple profiles at the same moment.

Example- Buffer, Hootsuite

Competitive Analysis

To get a better understanding of your Industry segment, competitive analysis is a must. With this, you can get insights about any brand’s performance on Social Media. Doesn’t that feel empowering?

Know the performance insights of all your competitors with a tracking tool and tap into all the sources where your competitor is being mentioned using listening tools. Competitive analysis can help you find the missing ingredient in your success recipe.

Example- Inclick, Brand24

Campaign Analysis

As much time and efforts go into strategizing and running a campaign, a lot more of it is utilized in trying to analyze its success.

Yet again, automated campaign analysis tools are here for the rescue. Even if you have multiple campaigns running simultaneously, a campaign analysis tool can help you track every single one of them separately. You can easily track where the traffic is coming from and attribute it to specific campaigns.

Find out new opportunities, leads, and sales that have resulted because of your campaign.

Example- Brandwatch, Inclick

Access to Historical Data

Certain tools mentioned above and otherwise, can give you access to historical data even a couple of months old. Which is otherwise hard to find.

competitive analysis | social media reporting tools

Though there can be some exceptions (Instagram stories insights) to that statement depending on what kind of data are you trying to get access to and using which tool. You can always download a report of all the data that you usually need and keep it with you for future use.

However, tools like Inclick can give you data for a brand from the day it is added on their dashboard. If a brand was added to the dashboard say 3 years back, you can access all the data about that brand for the past 3 years. Convenient, isn’t it?

Example- Inclick, Meltwater, Brandwatch

How to fully utilize Social Media Analytical tools for the progress of your brand?

So far, no one social media reporting tool can give you all of the above mentioned analytical insights. They can be offering multiple features but they master only a few.

Hence, for any brand to become unbeatable when it comes to social media marketing, it is important that they find a balance between the use of all the above-mentioned categories of analysis.

What we discussed here is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot more that every analytical tool offers. To understand that fully, ask for a trial and demo of the product. This is the only way you can understand which of the above mentioned social media reporting tools is the best fit for your brand and its needs.


If you need any further clarification regarding any analytical or reporting tool, do reach out to us here.

Have you used any of these analytical tools before? Let us know about your experience with it. And, if there are any other tools that you think are good at what they do, feel free to share their details in the comments below.