Introducing Sapling – $99/Year for Startups

Starting up is difficult, and we understand that. There are too many moving pieces to put together and it can get overwhelming sometimes. Inclick’s mission has always been to make marketer’s lives easier. Today, we are proud to announce a new initiative that we are taking for the teams that are just getting started.

Introducing the Sapling Plan, a $99/Year plan built for startups and agencies that are just getting started and need tools to set their Social Media Strategy. The sapling plan is available only to new users for the first year.

Our sapling plans gives your team all the essentials they need to level up the Social Media game.

Here’s how to buy the Sapling Plan:

The Sapling Plan Page
  • Step 3: Complete your purchase and you’re ready to go.

What do you get in the Sapling Plan?

Our sapling plan contains all the essentials your team will need to get started. It comes with the following usage limits:

  • Track up to 8 Brands and Competitors
  • 2 Campaigns and 10k Mentions per Month
  • Influencer Search and 5 Influencer Report Unlocks per Month
  • Unlimited Reporting & 6 Months History

Whenever you’re ready or after your first year, you can switch to one of your pay-as-you-go plans that you can customise for yourself from your dashboard.

To get started, Sign Up for your free trial.

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