Introducing Inclick Access: More clarity, Less clutter

From launching marketing campaigns 30% faster to transforming your organisations’ reporting processes, it’s inspiring to see what teams like yours are accomplishing with Inclick. As we are onboarding more users than ever, we started to understand how each marketer’s usage is different. As a marketer, you deal with so many moving pieces to create the right campaign and we understand that.

To give you more clarity on your data, today we are introducing several changes to the Inclick platform. From a reimagined navigation bar, a new dashboard view, and several new features added, we are today announcing a new version update called Inclick Access.

Why Access? We spoke to several users in details and understood their usage patterns. While Inclick was born to eliminate all tedious tasks that a marketer has to do, we realised that while we were saving a lot of time for our users, we could save more with a more thoughtful dashboard. So we reimagined our dashboard with one single vision – accessibility. Do everything as quickly as possible. The new Inclick dashboard is cleaner, faster, and there’s no clutter so you can easily hone in on the work that matters to you most.

Dashboard – Reimagined

Starting today, you’ll see major visual and functional improvements to the Inclick Dashboard. We have reimagined everything to make our core options more accessible and decluttered our navigation menu. Some of the major improvements are:

  • Navigate to important pages like your brands, campaigns, add new brands, and manage brands more quickly.
  • More page space for analytics so you have to scroll less
  • Speed optimisations to get your data quickly

An improved Brands Views

Now its easier to download reports and get data for your brands and competitors. The new brands view page gives you everything you need to do on one single page.

A Whole New Analytics Section

To keep important details front and clear, all your analytics page have been changed to display more KPIs than ever.

We have introduced some new KPIs like Wordcloud & Color Codes for Brands. This paves way for newer and more advanced metrics using AI like Visual Intelligence that is in the works and will be released later this year.

The new Comparison & Share of Voice page allows you to dig deeper into your industry with more KPIs.

More Updates, More Clarity

In addition to the above-mentioned updates, we have made many more small changes within the dashboard. This is an ongoing update and some features will be rolled out in the coming days. To keep a track of what’s changing and what we are currently working on, we have started maintaining the platform updates page that can be viewed here:

Login with Ease

To improve account security and increase accessibility, we are launching Social Logins. From today onwards, you can easily login with Facebook and Google if your Email address is linked to Inclick.

We can’t wait for you to try these features and see what you think about them. Start your free trial today: 😁

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