What is a Campaign?

Inclick is a 360° Social Media Intelligence tool that not only gives you analytics for your brand’s engagement but also gives you trending conversations around your brand.

An Inclick Campaign is the first step to understand what people are talking about your brand. An Inclick Campaign is like a project where you can collect add the Keywords that you need to track.

One Inclick Campaign can have up to 5 Keywords (or hashtags) and a combination of sources from where you need the data.

Creating a New Campaign

Once you have created a new campaign, we start tracking mentions for those keywords or your brands in the background. You can always see your new mentions and analysis for your campaign easily by clicking on your campaign.

List of Campaigns

Once you click a campaign, you will get access to all its mentions and campaign summary.

Mentions for a Campaign
Campaign Summary

The following links will help you get started: