Troubleshoot: Connecting your Instagram Account

Inclick lets you track various metrics on many social media channels, but if you own a brand, you’ll get even deeper insights about private data like reach, impressions, content analysis, etc. To let inclick know that you own a brand, you need to authorize the account before adding it to your list. See more about authorizing your accounts here.

To consider a brand complete, both it’s Facebook and Instagram should be authorized. If the Facebook account you have authorized is the admin of the page you want to add as a brand, that Facebook page needs to be linked to the business Instagram account of that page. See more on how to do this here:

To connect your Instagram account, one of the pages that you own must have a business Instagram account. This should be the case with at least one of the Facebook pages owned by the Facebook account you have authorized. If not, you will not see the connect button next to Instagram on Authorizations page.

If you have recently converted your Instagram account to a Business Account and you need to authorise your brand on Inclick, you need to follow the steps mentioned here again.

If you have any queries on how to do this, you can always reach out to us from your dashboard under the “Need Help?” menu or email us on You can also message us on Facebook for any queries or doubts.