How to Swap (or Delete) a brand on Inclick

On Inclick, you cannot permanently delete a brand. However, you can remove it from your dashboard (which is called Swapping). Swapping a brand from your list on Inclick is allowed as per the number of swaps per month available on your plan. This number is usually 10% of the number of brands you are allowed to add. If you’re an enterprise customer, the number of swaps you may have maybe different. You can always go to usage or manage brands page to see the available number of swaps.

Swapping a brand is very easy. Here’s a step-by-step process on how to do it.

  1. Click on ‘Brands’ from the left pane and select the ‘Manage Brands’ option. You’ll land on the below screen.
  2. Below the search box, you’ll see a list of brands that you’ve added. Just click on the ‘Swap’ button under that brand to delete it.
  3. Now use one of the methods to search and add a brand to replace it with another brand.
Manage Brands Page

Please Note: Number of swaps are limited per month. If you’re unable to swap a brand, it might be because you’re out of swaps. To increase the number of swaps, you can always buy new brands from the Upgrade page.