How to Search or Add a brand to track

Inclick allows you to search for any brand over Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter and add them to your list for metrics, comparisons, etsc. You can look up your competitors and compare their progress with yours. You get a certain number of brands according to your plan that you can add to your list.

Note: This feature will only work if you have authorized all three of your social media accounts while setting up. It can also be done in settings.

You can either search from the list of pre-added brands from our database, or you can manually enter the social media urls of your competitors to look them up.

To search from pre-added brands-

1. Click on Brands from the main menu and go to Manage Brands

Brands Page

2. Enter the brand name on the box marked as ‘search for a brand’ and You’ll see a drop down list of brands matching your keywords. 

Manage Brands Page

3. Click on the desired brand and click on ‘Use Brand’ button. The selected brand will be added to your list for easy access and research.

To add a new brand through its social media url on all three platforms-

1. From the Top Menu, click Add New > Create New Brand

2. You can either select one of your owned pages through the ‘Select Page’ option or you can manually enter the Facebook url of the page you want to add.

3. Click on the “Next’ button to add the accounts of all other social media platforms.

4. While Facebook and instagram pages are mandatory to add, it is optional to add Twitter and YouTube pages. Simply tick the checkbox that says ‘This brand doesn’t have a Twitter Account.’

4. Click on the ‘Finish’ button on the last screen and the brand will be added to your list.