How to search for Influencers on Inclick?

How To Search For Influencers On Inclick?

Inclick’s ‘Trend’ feature allows you to search from a list of thousands of influencers. You can select the right influencer for your brand and track them too with the ‘Track’ feature of the suite.

There are various ways to filter down to those few who speak the same language as your brand and whose followers are just the right mix of audience you’re looking for. All you need to do is mentioned below.

1. Click on the ‘Trend’ button on the left pane of the dashboard and select ‘Find Influencers’ from the menu that appears. You’ll reach the screen shown below with various ways to search for influencers that are explained below.

There are many ways to search for and filter search results to find influencers who can help you convey your message using your brand language to their followers. These ways are listed in the left box marked as filters.

  1. Search Username- You can type in the username of the influencer in this box to search for them directly.
  2. Search in Bio- If you want to search for any keyword in the bio of influencers to help you find the ones working in your niche, you can use this option.
  3. Categories- We have made various categories to segregate the influencers in our database. These categories will be visible as soon as you click on the ‘Search Categories’ box. 
  4. Followers- Search for influencers by determining the range of their followers using this scale where you can set the minimum and a maximum number of followers.
  5. Verified- You can search for only verified accounts with a blue tick from the social media channel by selecting ‘Verified Only.’
  6. Networks- As of now, Inclick provides influencer search on Instagram only, but soon this feature will be extended to other social media channels too.

After searching for influencers, you can click on the ‘Unlock Report’ button on their profile to find out their stats. The number of influencer reports you can unlock depends on your plan.

Once you click on Unlock Report, you will see that your report has been unlocked and Inclick is fetching data for the requested Influencer. If data is already available for the Influencer, you will be directly taken to the analytics page. If data isn’t available, then you’ll be able to see the data in about 30 minutes. You can read more about how to get Analytics for an Influencer on this article here.