How to get insights for new Influencers?

Influencers are now an important part of social media marketing and every successful social media strategy today needs to include the right mix of influencers. Inclick provides various ways to search for the right influencers for your project and brand. Once you have listed down some influencers, you need to analyze them and finalize which ones to work with.

1. Click on the ‘Trend’ button on the left pane of the dashboard and select ‘Find Influencers’ from the menu that appears. You’ll reach the screen shown below with various ways to search for influencers explained in this article. 

2. You can also click on the “Unlocked Reports” option in the Trend menu. On the unlocked reports page, you can view influencers that you have unlocked previously.

2. The list of influencers will appear on the right-hand side. You can click on the ‘Unlock Report’ button to view a detailed analysis of an influencer as shown below. The number of times you can unlock influencer reports on Inclick is determined by your plan.

You can analyze various metrics about the influencer on this page, like average likes, engagement, comments, etc. There’s even a separate column to analyze metrics related to videos right below the overall metrics.

3. Click on the ‘View Profile’ button on the profile pane to open the Instagram profile of the influencer or scroll down to see the frequently used hashtags and mentions by them. If you want to download the list of these two, you can click on the little download icon on the top right of each of these boxes.

Inclick trend is a feature that can translate to direct social media impact if the right influencers are chosen who have a following that is a perfect fit for your brand and who can naturally endorse your brand.