How to filter & view Conversations about a campaign?

Once you start collecting mentions, you might need to see what people are actually talking about. Inclick offers various filters for your convenience so you can quickly browse through conversations.

With Inclick, you can view all conversations on various social networks. To do that, you can follow the below-mentioned steps.

Step 1: Go to your Campaigns Page, from the Listen menu. Alternatively, you can press Ctrl+G to quickly go to the campaigns page.
Step 2: Click on “View”. This will take you to the Insights page of your campaign. In the Insights page, you can click Overview, that will give you a dropdown menu. From the Dropdown, select Conversations.

From the conversations view page, you can use the provided filters to find out the most important conversations. You can also quick the Network Icon on the post to go to the original post to respond to a conversation.

A quick intro to all the Search Features is provided below:

  • Search In Conversation lets your search for keywords within your campaign mentions. This helps you find the most relevant conversations.
  • Filter by Sentiment lets you search for conversations within a single sentiment for eg. just the negative conversations.
  • Filter by Content gives you the ability to search for conversations of a single post type. For eg. Videos only or Twitter Tweets only.
  • Filter by Network lets you search for conversations from a particular Social Network.
  • Verified gives you the ability to search for conversations from Verified Influencers only. This works across Instagram & Twitter.