How to create a new campaign to track?

Discovering what people are saying about your brand can be really important. Engaging discussions relevant to your business can open new territories for you. Inclick lets you identify sudden changes in the discussion volume to protect your company image. It lets you spot problematic issues before they become big & maximize the potential of positive publicity you’re already receiving.

The first step to understanding conversations and trends about your brand, event, competitor, or topic is to create a campaign. A campaign is like a project.

Here’s a step-by-step process on how to do it:

1: Select “Create New Campaign” from the Listen menu, alternatively you press Ctrl+L. This will take you to the New Campaigns Page.

2: Give your campaign (or project) a name, for eg. “Black Friday Sale 2020”. This is how your campaign will be known across reports and in the platform.

3: Add up to 5 Keywords (or Hashtags) that you want to track. For eg. “#BlackFridayInclick” or “Black Friday Inclick”. Please see the bottom of the article to understand our Keyword Format.

4: Select the Sources that you want to track. All Sources are selected by default, leave that as it is if you want to track mentions from all platforms.

5: Click on “Create New Campaign” button. Your campaign will be created and activated from the moment you create it.

Keyword Format:
To ensure you track mentions efficiently and don’t track duplicate mentions, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Instagram ONLY supports only hashtags. For eg. if your keyword is “Volkswagen” or “VolkswagenPolo”, we will track only the posts that contain the hashtags “#Volkswagen” or “#VolkswagenPolo” on Instagram. On other sources, we will automatically track all posts that contain theses words anywhere in the text of the post.
  • If your keyword has spaces, it will be tracked on Facebook & Twitter but not on Instagram. For eg. if you write “Volkswagen Polo”, it will be tracked on all sources except Instagram even if you have selected Instagram.
  • #Hashtags or No Hashtags, it doesn’t really matter. We will track both on all networks
  • Symbols, except underscore “_” are not tracked anywhere. If you’re using symbols, we might not track your campaign properly.
  • Using the correct keywords:
    • #Volkswagen = Volkswagen (it doesn’t matter if you use the hashtag or not – we will track both anyways)
    • #Volkswagen Polo = Volkswagen Polo (but it will not be tracked on Instagram)
    • “Volkswagen&Polo” might not be tracked properly

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