Getting Started with Inclick

Just signed up on Inclick? Congratulations! You’re halfway there! Actually, more than halfway because getting started with Inclick is super easy. Just a few more steps and you’re ready!

This article is focused on new users to get them started as quickly as possible. Before starting, there are a few things you need to know and the most important is our terminology. This will help you get acquainted with Inclick easily.


The first thing you need to do is Authorise your Social Media Accounts to use with Inclick. This will help us give you the most updated data and fetch your owned pages too. Authorisation is mandatory to view YouTube’s data and do a lot of other tasks on Inclick. Authorisation is very easy and safe. To begin, go to Settings Page.

Start connecting your Facebook, Twitter, and Google account in one click. Once your account is connected, you will see the connection message like shown in the below screenshot.

Settings & Authorisations in Inclick.


Most Social Media Analytics tools work with “Profiles”. In Inclick, you group your Social Media Profiles to create a Brand. Creating a Brand helps you get analytics faster and makes it easier to compare with others in your industry. A brand could be owned or a competitor. Owned brands give you more data like Reach, Impressions, Stories, Interaction, Engagement Rates, etc.

Adding a Brand to Inclick:
There are two ways to add a brand to Inclick. One, you can search from our pool of thousands of pre-added brands across Industries. You can do this to find industry leaders or brands that inspire you. To search for brands, go to “Manage Brands”.

Searching for a Brand in Inclick

If you’re searching for a brand that’s not in our database or you want to add your own brand, you can click on the Purple-colored plus icon in the left menu. Refer to this article for more:


The next thing you might want to do on Inclick is to track and monitor your mentions from Social Media. To do this, you will have to create a Project (or campaign) first. A project and campaign are the same thing.

Creating your first mentions project
To create a project, first, go to “New Project” Page located in the Mentions tab on the menu. Give your project/campaign a name, add the keywords that you want to track and the sources you want us to look.

Create new project to track

After your campaign is created, Inclick starts tracking all mentions and data is loaded in some time.

These are the first few steps you need to take when you set up your new dashboard. Don’t forget to read more articles from our KnowledgeBase to use Inclick in the best way.