10 Exceptional Social Media Reporting Dashboards for Social Media Needs in 2019

With the increase in the number of social media reporting dashboards in the market, the ability of a Digital Marketing Agency to pinpoint the reasons and factors influencing the performance of a Social Media Campaign has enhanced.

It has become important for a Digital Marketing Agency to use a Social Media Reporting Dashboards in order to stay updated with the latest trends. As well as, stay ahead of their competition.

What is the Difference between social media reporting tool and social media reporting dashboard?

The only difference is of the word being used. They are interchangeable and very much the same thing. Whether you look for a Social Media Reporting tool, or a Reporting Dashboard, you will get the same results.

A Social media Reporting Dashboard is a software-based service that can aid in tracking, listening, and reporting of the social media activities of any brand across multiple social media platforms.

Why use Social Media Reporting Dashboards?

For an amateur- To see which brand is doing what on which platform to get better engagement and an increase in sales.  

For the pros – To build a marketing strategy for your brand, that is based on thorough data-backed research of the existing and old social media strategies of not just your brand but all the brands of your industry segment or otherwise, across multiple social media platforms to meet your current needs.

Some Unusual Social Media Reporting Dashboards that you might want to look at:

1) BuzzSumo

Web Link- https://buzzsumo.com/

Buuzzsumo is a listening and monitoring tool that offers insights about any keyword. But it’s proficiency doesn’t end there. It can also help you to find influencers of a selected category to reach a particular segment of the audience.

The ability of Buzzsumo as a social media reporting dashboard to identify the better performing content of a particular industry, niche or a type of audience has helped a lot of companies create successful campaigns for their brands.

It provides with all the relevant information in a simple format.

2) Inclick

Web Link- https://inclick.co/

Market Research, Data Integration, Audience Research, Targeted Advertising, Automated Reporting, Competitive Analysis, and Data Evaluation are some of the features that Inclick offers.

It aims at meeting both the basic as well as advanced digital marketing requirements for all digital marketing professionals relating to social media analytics.

Inclick is a social media reporting dashboard designed keeping in mind the needs and requirements of agencies and brands. Some of its key features include:

  • Comprehensive PPT and XLS Reports about any brands
  • Customized Data-points available on request
  • Thousands of pre-added brands
  • No data expiry – Historical data can be used in reports
  • Instagram Stories Data
  • Separate dashboards for separate teams
Social Media Reporting Dashboards
3) FollowerWonk

Web Link- https://followerwonk.com/

With FollowerWonk you can get detailed insights for Twitter Analytics relating to followers, their location, and the time when they engage the most. Along with finding and helping you build relationships with the most prominent influencers of your niche.

Not just finding and curating but all the information regarding your followers and influencers is presented in ‘super-actionable’ visuals (as they describe it) for evaluations. You can compare your reports with your competitor’s and share them with anyone you like.

4) Klear

Web Link- https://klear.com/

It is an influencer marketing software that allows you to reach your target audience with the help of influencers. You can find an influencer from any category or location from anywhere in the world across Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Blogs.

It offers a large database of Influencers that can be filtered by category, location, and network.

Klear has made it easier for a brand to track an influencer and build a marketing strategy that has a higher success rate.

Influencer Insights
5) Curalate

Web Link- https://www.curalate.com/

Curalate is a very interesting Social Media Reporting Dashboard that helps a brand convert their fans and followers into shoppers. It can help you to increase traffic to your website and increase the number of conversions from followers to sales.

It lets you take advantage of the social media content and your audiences to increase the sales. Using Curalate, you can make any of your social media channel shoppable. You can use the content created by the users of your product/service and leverage this user-generated content to drive further sales.

6) AgoraPulse

Web Link- https://www.agorapulse.com/

Post Scheduling- You can stay on top of your content calendar with Agora Pulse. You can schedule, reschedule, bulk upload posts, and much more using this dashboard. They offer plenty of options for the same.

Catch Conversations- It offers listening services as well. You can easily listen to every conversation that is happening around your brand. Find them, filter them, manage the comments, mentions, and all other messages across platforms. Ultimately, build a reputation for your brand.

Report Download- Downloadable reports in CSV and PPT.

Track your Followers- With Agorapulse you can group your audience into categories and segments. And, add notes to each user and access their conversation history separately. 

7) MuckRack

Weblink- https://muckrack.com/

With the use of MuckRack you can easily discover relevant journalists to pitch to. You can monitor related news and build reports of the same.

It keeps you updated via email alerts every time a journalist is writing and tweeting about you or your company, or anything relevant. Like, campaigns, competitors, your brand, or any specific keyword. This information can come in very handy for any marketing professional.

You can turn all the insights from your PR campaign into PDF reports or XLS for further evaluation.


Web Link- https://shieldapp.ai/

SHIELD can give you stats and analytics that an influencer needs to strengthen their presence on the LinkedIn Platform.  

Not just that, SHIELD can help a company by giving them a comprehensive insight about how their team is performing on LinkedIn. It is a very LinkedIn centric tool. You can use this insight to help your team grow their presence on LinkedIn and have a strong profile.

Also, it can give you analytics about your earned media initiatives so you can improve them as well. You can keep working on building a strong profile, while SHIELD helps you with necessary insights to steer your growth in the right direction.

Social Media Reports
9) Oktopost

Web Link- https://www.oktopost.com/

Oktopost offers social media management, social media promotion, and employee management as their major services.

You can manage, measure and monitor all of your and your employee’s social media activities to reach your B2B marketing goals. Users have claimed that with Oktopost they were able to generate a 70% increase in their organic social reach.

Their platforms include Social Publishing, Social Listening, Social Analytics, Social Governance, and Employee Advocacy.

10) Meltwater

Web Link- https://www.meltwater.com

With the use of Meltwater you can quantify your PR impact, see your share of voice, connect with influencers, and see your results in the form of reports.

Track your campaign’s impact, measure social sentiment, understand your competitor’s online presence, and manage social media profiles using Meltwater. It gives you solutions for social media monitoring and building your reputation online as well as offline.

Social Media Reporting Dashboard

To conclude,

There are many tools, a lot more (1,2,3) than mentioned on this list, that offer multiple services for agencies and brands of various needs and sizes. The only certain way to be sure of which tool meets your needs and requirements to the best is by either taking a trial of the product or by asking for a demo.

Most of the tools mentioned here offer both.

When you do take a look at these Social Media Reporting Dashboards, share with us your experience and review.