Benefits of a Report | Social Media 2019

Ask yourself,

  • What do you expect to achieve with all your social media marketing efforts?
  • Are you being able to achieve it at the moment?
  • If not, Where is the problem?
  • What is causing the distance?

A social media report covers the performance of a brand from multiple angles. Having a report in place can help you figure out and pinpoint what is it that your audiences like the best about your brand, and what is it that they don’t.

And, who doesn’t enjoy getting more of what they like, right?

With the help of a Social Media Report, you can get all the data you need in one place so you can measure the Performance of your brand easily.

As we all know, “What gets measured, gets managed“.


Inclick alone offers 60+ metrics to help you evaluate your brand’s Social Media Performance across 4 major platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

There really is more than what meets the eye when it comes to Data Analysis for Social Media.

You can read about some of the major Social Media Metrics needed to evaluate the performance of a brand on Social Media here.

Data Analytics

Benefits of a Report for Social Media

Having to access the Analytical Data that you need, separately from each platform’s available insights can get time-consuming and confusing.

By building a report, you can collect all the necessary data you need in one place about all the posts on different platforms.

  • To start with, make a list of all the platforms that your brand is actively part of.
  • Once you have that in place, try to understand the performance of each post across platforms separately.
  • After that, evaluate your weekly performance and then eventually see your month on month growth.

Look for a pattern and eliminate everything that is not helping you build your brand’s identity. Along with supporting everything else that is helping you achieve your Social Media Marketing Goals.  Make more content that your audience is resonating with, that they are engaging with.

Free Download Social Media Report Template

Considering how much is there to keep in mind while building a Social Media Report, here is a free template for you to make sure you never miss out on an important metric again.

To make sure your report is accurately built, the calculation details for all the included metrics have also been mentioned.

If you need any assistance in building a Social Media Report, feel free to contact Inclick Team for guidance and support.

Easier way to build a Social Media Report

An automated social media reporting tool can give you way more insights than what you see on a particular social media app itself.

Online Report

You can access data related to posts and stories separately. Not just that, you can also access historical data that is not accessible on the app. The insights offered by the social media apps themselves are for a limited duration.

Whereas, automated reporting tools, can give you access to unlimited historical data.

Manual reporting can be very time consuming and can demand long working hours and undivided focus. Whereas, automated social media reporting can give you all the analytical data that you need, pre-calculated, and in an easy to understand, presentable, graphical format.

Uses of a Report for Social Media

  • Easily Analyze the performance of a brand with all the necessary data you need
  • Access to historical limitless data
  • Easy to calculate the growth of a brand on a weekly, monthly, quarterly basis.
  • Understand Industry Standards
  • Easy to compare a brand’s performance to another
  • Analyze consumer behavior
  • Keep track of social media actions and regularity of posts/campaigns
  • Evaluate your campaign’s strengths and weaknesses

A report is a record of actions that were once taken, in a very detailed manner to help the reader of the report to understand, evaluate and investigate.

Make sure that the report you build with whatever objective is comprehensive enough to help Data Analysts of your company to investigate the performance markers of your Campaigns in Detail.