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Super fast and developer-friendly APIs to enrich your in-house tech stack. Contact us today to get a quotation and demo of our APIs.

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Pull 100+ Data Points for any brand or keyword using Inclick's API.

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Data Rich

100+ Data Points for brands, competitors, and campaigns.

Version Control

New versions and updates won't break things for you.

Developer Friendly

We follow universal formats. Calls can be made over HTTP and data is returned in JSON

Agency Focused

Extra data points built specifically for Agencies to track and measure campaign performance and ROI.

1. Who can use these APIs?

Our APIs can be used to fetch and use Inclick’s data with your own datasets. This can be used for advanced customised reporting and beyond.

2. How are we charged for APIs?

There’s a one-time fee for customisations and recurring fees for your usage. We charge you on the basis of the calls you make per month. To know more about our pricing, request a quotation.

3. What format is the data returned in?

All API calls return data in clean and developer-friendly JSON Format.

4. Can we use filters?

Yes, all filter available on the dashboard are available for API Calls also. If needed, we can add more filters for your specific requirement.

5. How much time does it take to get started?

Our default APIs are made available within a few hours, for customised data points and API endpoints, we share timelines before the project.


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We can provide a custom-built solution for specific requirements.

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