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Social Media isn't just about creativity anymore. Whether you're an Agency or a Brand, you need insights to back up your campaign idea. Inclick gives you all the Social Media Data you need in one single place.

Monitor your campaigns and lead the conversations


Find out what people are saying and posting about your Brand online with Inclick's Social Media Monitoring Tool. 


Use multiple filters like Sentiments, Locations, and more to find out the most important conversations and take actions on them.

Instantly create detailed social media reports for any brand


Get in-depth analytics for your owned and competitors' brands across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. 

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Instantly download readymade reports in PPT & XLS format. Find out how your content is working against your competitors.

Influencer Discovery

Discover & Connect with new Influencers everyday

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Find top influencers from our ever-updating database of Influencers and run influencer marketing campaigns with confidence.

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Access any Influencer's insights and see how they engage with their audience, which other brands they are working with, and average engagement score.

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"Inclick Track has been a very helpful tool in our analytics practice. It has reduced our turn around time by 80%. The team at Inclick is open to feedback, makes proactive suggestions and comes to the table with solutions. Siddhant has a deep understanding of requirements, and it is a pleasure working with him."

Digital Strategy Head
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"Inclick has a great User Interface. It's easy to navigate your way throughout the dashboard. Since Inclick offers multiple solutions - reporting, hashtag tracking, sentimental analysis, influencer discovery, competitive analysis and more - in one place, it is a good value for money." 

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"Accurate data is a necessity for Social Media Marketing. With Inclick we are able to easily access all the information we need about our brand's social media performance and our competitor's in an instant."

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"Inclick has helped our team save a ton of time by providing us with customizable reporting solutions."

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