Why do you need Social Media Competitive Analysis

Every brand in the social media ecosystem is striving to stand out. The goal isn’t just to fetch customers and generate revenue, but to leave an impression in front of customers that they can’t forget. To stay ahead in this crowded space, it is extremely important you know what your [...]

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Ace your Facebook game with algorithm ranking factor

Every influencer or a social media marketer has a primary motive, which is to maximize their outreach. Without taking algorithm factors into account social media strategy deviates from its goal. Taking algorithm factors into account will allow you to reach out the maximum audience. Always keep in mind that Facebook [...]

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How to plan your next viral campaign

Every social media marketer has this one dream, and the dream is to outlast the competition and to stand apart. Inclick Track assists in creating social media strategies that help you stand out. Inclick Track is a social media intelligence tool that allows you to devise clever strategies and grow [...]

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Social Media Marketing for Dummies – Part I

Before getting into Social media marketing let’s take a quick dive into what social media platform is? Social Media Platform as the name suggests is a platform that brings together communities of like-minded people, a social media platform isn’t simply a website it goes beyond the definition of a website. [...]

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WHAT, HOW, and WHY of Inclick Track

Motivational speaker, marketing consultant and author of several books Simon Sinek in his book "Start with Why?" Conceptualized the golden circle, the golden circle consisting what, how and why is the recurring pattern observed in the companies around the world. He specifically concentrates on the WHY Consumers don’t buy WHAT you [...]

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Instagram Analytics for competitors

Getting Instagram Analytics for your Competitors As compared to Facebook and Twitter, Instagram offers a low number of data points for analysis, audience understanding, and followers growth. For non-business accounts (Instagram Accounts without a Facebook Page), Instagram offers no analytics. Gradually, Instagram is gaining more popularity and it is quickly [...]

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Staying ahead of competitors is not so hard!

Switch to Inclick Track today and change how you use Social Media for your business. Start your 7 days free trial or request a demo today! Give your business the competitive edge, as we welcome Diwali. The festive season is approaching and celebrations are around the corner. Diwali is less [...]

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Data says… You’re missing the basics

So, a few days back I decided that I’ll be writing about the secrets of Social Media that I’ve learned over time. I posted a status on my LinkedIn and Facebook to take suggestions about what I should be writing in my first post. My post didn’t have a lot [...]

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